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What we do…


“On seatradar.com you can find:

1) easy-to-understand seating plans; and

2) photographs taken by fans at concerts showing what the view is actually like from specific seats…

for the top venues in the UK and Ireland.

Why? So that you can save time and avoid wasting money by doing quick and accurate research when buying tickets to your favourite artists’ shows.

The full story…


That’s how long it takes to buy something online.

And that’s usually a great thing.

But what about when your favourite artist comes to town and you want to treat yourself to some tickets? Well, then there are two possible scenarios:

1) You’re lucky enough to have a chance to buy tickets from the original ticket-sellers and you have A WHOLE 22 SECONDS to do your research and “BUY NOW!” before the tour sells out…

2) After an hour of sitting at your screen hitting “refresh” and being told you’re 231,462nd in the queue and calmly (ahem…) holding on until you’re 2nd in the queue your browser mysteriously crashes and re-loads to a page telling you that the tour sold out (in 22 seconds). You can’t bring yourself to miss the gig so your now down to buying tickets on the secondary market at a 200% or 300% markup (something we’ve had to do many times ourselves!).

If you find yourself in situation 1 (lucky you!) you have 22 seconds to find the venue seating plan and find out through a series of random Google searches whether the tickets you’re being offered are worth buying (good luck with that)…

If you find yourself in situation 2 you could be paying two or three times the face value of the tickets and you want to be SURE that you’ll be getting a ticket you’ll be happy with. It’s fine because all of the re-sellers out there are of course 100% honest and never exaggerate how good a particular seat is ;) OK, you don’t believe that (phew!)…

So – in either case – who can give you the information you need, when you need it? You guessed it. We can – with a little (ok a lot) of help from you guys.

Here’s how it works:

1) We have a dedicated page for each of the top music venues in the UK and Ireland. On these pages we give you all of the essential information as well as easy-to-understand seating plans for each venue.

2) For each venue we are building a library of photographs taken by other fans just like you showing you exactly what the view is like from various different, blocks, rows and seats at each of the venues we cover.

That’s it (for now)! As a certain meerkat would say, it’s “simples”.

But – most importantlythis can only work if fans keep on submitting their beautiful snaps to us! Please check out our seating plans and current photos by choosing a venue from this page or – if you’ve got some pics for us – ping them over to us here!

“We get by with a little help from our friends (that’s you guys)”

The seatradar.com team

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