Metro Radio Arena (Newcastle)

Arena Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE4 7NA

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Metro Radio Arena Seating Plan

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  1. Hi I’ve just booked tickets for Peter Kay. Block a row a. Have I been lucky and got front row seats?

  2. Hi, I’ve just booked tickets to see Peter Kay & it says row BK B?? Where is this please? I have noticed it has been asked before by other people but admin have never replied to these particular row questions??

  3. Hi,
    Have tickets for Ed Sheeran in April at metro radio arena. I’m worried about the view from the seat, the tickets say possible restricted view. I’m in block 218 row u seats 440-443 does anyone know how restricted the view may be. Would really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

  4. Hi I got tickets for Cirque Du Soleil on Feb 2017, the seats I got were BK 109, row D, seats 293-291. Are these any good? Thanks!

  5. Got tickets realised its block 218 labelled restricted view…..row q any ideas why?

  6. I’m going to see WWE, if the wrestling ring is in the middle of the Metro Radio arena, would section BK B be an ok seating/standing to view the wrestlers? I would appreciate a reply, thanks!

    • I’ve got tickets for WWE at Newcastle, block A row E, seats 67 and 68 I have no way of knowing exactly where this is is as there are lots of block As dotted around the ring??

  7. If the wrestling ring is in the middle of the arena at Metro Newcastle, is BK B an ok seating to get a good view of the wrestlers or not? Please tell me

  8. Hi
    I’ve just bought tickets for the wwe event, BK A, row B….are they good seats?

  9. Hi, I’ve just got tickets to see Little Mix for my daughters 10th birthday on the 16th of April and I’m wondering how good they are. Its Section BK C, Row J, Seats 1,2

  10. I have tickets for Michael McIntyre on 28th November 2015. Seats are block A row f 53&54 and row m 45&46. Are these ok seats and which ones have the best view please

  11. Looking to purchase tickets for block AA for One direction.
    Are these restricted viewing??

  12. What is the view like of the stage from BLOCK c Srats 55/56

  13. Hi iv got tickets to c 1d in block aa row h seat 49&50 will we have good view

  14. hi i ‘ ve bought 2 tickets for me and MY daughter for the one direction on october 25th. bloCK AA roW E. do t HEY HATE limited visibility?? we ‘ re coming from italy!!!!!! grazie!!!!!

  15. Hi,
    Bought tickets to see one direction 27th oct @ newcastle block c , row d, seats 17 & 18 are these good seats? Im also taking my 7yr old neice apart from the obvious problem of people standing in front of her, what will her view be like? Thanks!

  16. Hi,my mum booked tickets for one direction in October and I’m in bk F row h and I’m worried I won’t see anything,also I’m quiet small,will I be able to see one direction at all?

  17. We’ve booked tickets for little mix our seats are block 213 seats 300-303 what’s the view like we av to kids aged 7

  18. Hi, me and my mum are going to see one direction on the 25th October (Sunday) and we got the section BK row J seats 17-18. Are these any good? What will the view be like? Also what are the age restrictions for that section/row/seat bit because I’m really scared that when I turn up they won’t let me in because I’m not the age limit or something? Please help :)

  19. Hi, I’m going to the One Direction show on the 26th and I’m not even from the UK so I was wondering if you could help me? I’m on block D, row E, seats 14-15. Is this relatively close to their catwalk? Thank you for your help.

    • Hey Ana! Yes, the B-stage at the end of the catwalk will only be a few rows in front of you! Have a great time!

      • Hi I have tickets to see one direction on the 26th of October block a row l. I was wondering will I be facing the main stage or the catwalk and how far will I be??

  20. I’ve booked tickets to see One Direction Block AA ROW G seats 39 40 and 41 will we get a good view.

  21. Hi admin, i’ve just booked tickets for a concert later this year. Could you please tell me if Tier one, block 102, row E, SEATS 67/68. Are good seats ?
    Thank you.

  22. I have tickets for 5SOS in block 215 I want to know if these seats are any good

  23. Hi, i have just received my tickets for 5Sos i was just wondering if B114 Row c S429/430 are good seats, my daughter is very excited so it would be nice to be close.
    thank you

  24. Hey, I was just wondering what the view is like from block 114 in general? I’m thinking of getting tickets for 5sos on June 2nd and 114 seems good. Is the view good? Thanks ☺️

  25. Hi we are seeing sat olly murs sat 18th April, it says bk a row d seats 44/48 where is this? What does bk a mean?

  26. I’ve got seats for one direction in block 106 row C seats 175 ,176 will I have a good view of the main stage and catwalk ?

    • Hi Anna, Block 106 is towards the back of the arena so you will be at some distance from the main stage but will still have a good overall view from there.

  27. Hi!

    Ive booked to see OllyMurs next month and the only available seats were the balcony block 302 row D seats 54/55

    Any good?

    Ive always been in block A&B at the arena so not sure what its like high up!

    • Hi Rebecca – truthfully they will feel pretty far away from the stage and they are high up. It’s not where we’d choose to sit given the option but we’re sure that’s not news to you! At the end of the day, at least you have tickets and most people up there still get up and dance so provided you’re up for that you’ll still have a good night!

  28. Hi. Just a quick question, if i’ve got replaceable tickets, should it say that the fee is 0.00?? Because I am really confused and worrying ! Thanks in advance ☺ xx

  29. Hi, I’ve bought 2 tickets for Top Gear Live next week Block 111 Row D seats 361 & 362. This is the first row just behind the disabled bay. Will the disabled bay be an obstruction in any way? Could not find any photos close enough to block 111 to get an idea. Many thanks

    • Hi Gerald – no direct experience of this but certainly never heard of this being an issue. It would be great if you could come back with a photo for the gallery after the show? :)

      Have a great time, it’s a fun show.

      • Will do :)) Thanks

      • Photo uploaded as promised :))

        Show was great. The disabled bay is actually a little bit of an obstruction, as persons in wheelchairs are sitting at the same level a meter or so in front of you. I still had quite a good view, but for the price I paid (bought the most expensive tickets), I expected NOTHING in front of me! At one point we also had camera persons and photographers running around just in front of us which I also thought was not fair! The show was great and so was the venue. Plenty of stalls for merchandise, food and drinks before the show (however all closed after the show).

  30. I’ve got two tickets for top gear live, block 217, row s, seats 417 and 418.. what sort of view will we get of the show?

  31. I have booked tickets for sclub7 ourseats are BK C row K 26-27, where about are they and what’s the view like?

    • Hi Lynne they are pretty much exactly in the centre of the flooring area i.e. halfway back and halfway across. The gallery has a photo from Block C Row H – you’ll be there just two rows further back so take a look to get a sense of the view.

  32. Hello we have seats for one direction in October 2015…We have seats row please seats 43 and 44 block D. What are these seats like and are they near the catwalk?

    • Hey Amanda – the catwalk is pretty much exactly level with Block 112 i.e. the middle/back of Block C and the very front of Block D. So you’ll be about 10/15 rows back from the catwalk which isn’t too far. Your seats are towards the left hand side (as you face the stage) of the floor area but fairly central. In an ideal world you’d be a bit further forward for the main stage but people have said they still enjoyed the show even from the back blocks and there are big screens so overall think your seats will be decent enough. Have a great time and please do come back to upload a photo!

      • Thank u! What about for small children? I’m taking my 7 year old niece and best friend is taking her 8 year old sister so what would that seating be like for them?

        • Hi Amanda – you’re welcome. There shouldn’t be any major problem save that since they are floor seats they are not tiered. As a result assuming many people will stand up in front of you, taller people in their line of sight may interfere with their view a little but the stage is raised and there are big screens so they should be ok overall. Would be great to hear back from you after the show (and to have a photo from you!) as we’re sure many people in similar positions i.e. with nieces/kids etc would love to know how it is from those seats from a fellow fan.

  33. Hi we have tickets for 1d on 25th October we are block 216 row m seats 392, 393 and 394, could you tell me what the view is like please.

    • Hi Nicola – you’ll be on the side nearest Block 217 so that’s a great position, quite near the stage. You’ll be in second row of upper tier so no issues regarding height either. Overall good seats, have a great time and please remember to upload a photo after the show!

  34. Next year for one direction I have got block A, row J seats 39-41 could you tell me if I am going to be near the catwalk?

  35. Hi. I’ve booked 4 tickets for wwe in April at metro radio arena. Is tier 1 block 114 row g ok? I’m concerned as some people have said I’ll have restricted view? :/

    • Hi Nicola – have a look at the photo in our gallery from Block 113 Row G Seat 405. Block 114 is to the left of that and starts at about seat 417 (seat numbers increase towards the stage). As you can see, if you were in seat 417 that would only be 12 seats left of the position in the photo and not a restricted view at all. If your seat number is lower than 425 you should be totally fine. It’s probably still not a cause for concern unless you’re in the last few seats e.g. 439 and higher in which case you’ll be very side-on and may find that you can’t easily see any screens at the back of the stage and you may find yourself having to turn to see the screen nearest you (to your left hand side).

      • I’m 431-434 :(( nightmare!!

        • Hey Nicola – no don’t panic, it still won’t be that bad. Have a look at the photo from Block 100 Row F seat 12. That’s almost the exact same position on the opposite side of the stage to where you’ll be. On reflection even the very last few seats probably aren’t too bad but think that seats in the mid 430s will actually be fine and don’t forget that it’s great to be so near the front and so close to the stage. Our main point was regarding screens which is not so important anyway if you’re close enough and your angle is ok! :)

  36. What’s the view like from row S in block 203 for one direction please

    • Hi Lynda – the block goes back/up to Row U so Row S is one of the highest/furthest back rows in that block. That’s the main thing to consider. A block closer to the stage would be better in an idea world although Block 203 will have a good view of the catwalk and B-stage too :)

  37. Hi, I’ve bought 6 tickets for us to come down from edinburgh to see one direction. The seats are BK F Row C seats 48-53. Will we be able to see anything at all or have to rely on the big screens?

    • Hey Rebecca – the lads will be a little far from that position but another fan saw McBusted from Block E and told us she still had a great time and that the big screens were great from there. Also, 1D will have a catwalk with a small B-stage at the end of it and this will be located between Blocks C and D so they’ll be pretty close when they are there at least! Have a great time!

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  38. for 1D I’m in block E for floor seats, am I actually going to be able to see anything? :(

    • Hi Beth – the lads will be a little far from that position but another fan saw McBusted from that position and told us she still had a great time and that the big screens were great from there. Also, 1D will have a catwalk with a small B-stage at the end of it and this will be located between Blocks C and D so they’ll be pretty close when they are there at least! Have a great time!

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  39. Hi we have managed to get seated tickets to take our 8 year old to the one direction concert. Does seated mean that everyone has to remain in their seats or is it likely that people in front will stand and is this likely to effect us being able to see the concert , many thanks.

    • Hi Lyndsey, for show-specific advice you’d need to contact the venue directly but in our experience it’s unlikely that people will be forced to remain seated. If you are in a flat seating area then, yes, this could cause a bit of an issue for you. If you are seated in a tiered area it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  40. My dad has booked tickets for me and my daughter who will be 8 to see one direction we are in floor seats block b seats 1 and 2? Will view be good? is there an age limit on floor seats as there is at sol? Will my daughter get squished?

    • Hi Block B is a great position since it’s next to the catwalk and halfway between the main stage and the B-stage at the end of the catwalk. To the best of our knowledge the age-limit only applies for standing tickets (think it’s for under 12s) but if you’re concerned please do contact the venue/ticketing agent directly as we hope you’ll understand why we cannot check individually for all shows/venues :) As for getting squished, it’s probably a good thing that you’re in seats 1 and 2 as these will be on the end of a row so perhaps best thing will be to put her on the end of the row and sit in between her and the person next to you. Have a great time :)

  41. how many tickets per person for one direction on the road again tour 2015 on sale Saturday

  42. Hi we have just booked tickets to take our two children aged 10 & 7 to see the
    X Factor Live Tour. Block 215 Row N Seats 358-361 just wondered if these are good seats?! Thank you.

    • Hey Justine, you’ll be a few seats in from the aisle with Block 215 so that’s good as it’s closer to the stage. Pretty decent all in all, have a great night and don’t forget to come back and upload a photo!

  43. Hi, I have tickets for block 107, row J, but it says there might be ‘possible restricted view,’ im guessing this will be for lighting or speakers. How good are these seats and if it will be restricted, how restricted will it be? I have the option to buy block 213 row R…are these better? Thanks

    • Hi Louise – we’d suggest double checking with the venue if the ticket actually says that on it. If the view is not restricted/too restricted, we’d stick with 107 over 213.

  44. Hi

    I am sitting in Block 210, row P, seats 251-250 for Take That. Are these decent seats?

    • Hi Kay while they’re at the rear of the venue and high(ish) (shouldn’t be vertigo-inducing in Row P) it’s a great central position with a nice view of the complete width of the stage as well as any screens/effects at the rear of the stage (i.e. behind the performers) as well as both side-screens so all in all yes, you should be fairly happy with those :) Would be great if you could come back and upload a photo after the show! If you have any from past gigs in the meantime that would be great too. Have fun!

  45. Seeing Lee Evans next week. Block 218 Row W Seats 428-429
    Would like to know why these seats are restricted view?

    • Hi Stephanie – Block 218 is to the right of the stage (as the performer looks out) and Row W is the last row back. Seats 428 and 429 are very close to the aisle with Block 427 so you’re not right in the corner. You will however have a side-on view of the stage and it’s possible that you will not be able to see a screen from the angle. We’re not however 100% sure on this or whether there is some further specific reason that it is marked restricted view so we have to recommend that you check with the venue directly if you’re concerned. We have however heard from others with tickets marked “restricted view” (e.g. in Block 114 which is just in front of / below 218) but who have said that their view was actually fine (good even) on the night so hopefully you’ll be fine and have a great time! Would be great if you could upload a photo after the show so we can know for sure! Enjoy :)

      • I have booked tickets for one direction and are located in block 113 rows 414 416. Are these good viewing seats?

        • Hey Emma – Block 113 offers a great view :) You’re seats will likely be on the end of the row nearest to the stage :) There are two shots from Block 113 in our gallery which should give you a good idea of the view you’ll have. Enjoy the show and be sure to come back and upload a pic! When are you going?

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