NIA Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

King Edward’s Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA

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NIA Seating Plan

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What are the best seats at the NIA Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham? What is the view like from Block [...] of the NIA Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

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NIA Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

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  1. What would the views be like from the following seats
    Block 1 Upper Row EE Seats 3-5
    Block 12 Lower Row J Seats 532-534
    Block 1 Lower Row K Seats 14-16

  2. The entrance is directly off St Vincent street, from the ring road follow the signs for the NIA West car park, keep an eye out for our large banners and big blue gates advertising our entrance to the car park.  Once in the car park, follow the chevrons to our free parking area.

  3. Geraldine Beveridge

    Please could you tell me how many seats there are across each of Blocks A, B & C? Mapaplan states each block has seats across from 1-18 (r-l) but someone I know has seats 19 &20 in block B for the Barry Manilow concert on 4.9.18?

  4. I’m going to Barclay arena, what is the view like from BLK 6 row F?

  5. Hi we have seats on block 12 / row u seats 505-508 will our view be restricted

  6. Hi,
    Re Strictly Live, we have a group booking in Block 9 Rows G-L 393 to 400.
    One of the ladies is not too mobile so will be allocated an aisle seat, ie 400.
    Which row will require the least walking? ie do we walk UP to our seats or DOWN?

  7. I’ve just purchased show lounge tickets but have no idea where they are! ! Please can Someone shed some light on these please :)

  8. Hi I have tickets to see iron maiden next may block 1 row S seats20&21 are these decent seats

  9. Me and some friends are going to the selena gomez concert , Is it better to sit or to stand, i have the choice between standing in block A 360 or sitting in block 2. which is better?

  10. Hello where would Block A H1 /H2 be on the wrestling seating plan I have tried to find the layout for this
    Many thanks

  11. Hi i have seats 315 316 317 block 8 row p marvel universe are these good seats at nec. Also looking for 1 xtra ticket next to me is this possible. Thanks

  12. where is block A YC ??

  13. Hi, I have tickets for a comedian as a birthday present for my other half. I wanted to get good seats as he has never seen a comedian live. I went for Block 1, seats 28 and 29. After looking at some seating plan photos, I am now starting to worry that there will be equipment/stage scaffolding restricting the view. will this be the case? :/

  14. Hi,
    I have just got tickets for The Strictly Live Tour in January 2016 at the Barclaycard Arena, Block 3, Row H, seats 116-117. I have noticed that in some of your other responses, you have said that some of the lower tier blocks in this arena actually start at Row E and not Row A, but not specifically for Block 3 (I have seen one seat plan that says E, and one that starts at A, so am a bit confused!) Also, I also noticed that when I booked the tickets, that tickets in Block 10 (directly opposite my block) are anything up to 3 times more expensive than mine. Does that mean that the view from my block is going to be considerably more restricted than theirs, or are we just going to be staring at the back of the Judges heads instead of seeing their faces? They’re a Christmas present, and I just want as much info as possible before I give them! Thanks

  15. Looking to get tickets for Hans Zimmer, torn between block E, 5 or 7, didn’t know if E would have a worse view as the stage will be ‘above’ our eye line. is there a big screen?

  16. Hi, about to purchase tickets for Kevin Hart in Jan, wondering what seating is better? Would be a GREAT help thank you :-)
    Block 1- row E.
    Block A- row E.
    Block C- row D.
    Block F row A.

  17. Hi I’ve got to seats booked for Janet Jackson in March Block 12 (Lower)/H 517-518. Will we have a good view of the stage or just a side view?

  18. Where are the show decks? my seats are in Block 6 show deck/A6? at Barclay Card Arena – Janet Jackson

  19. Hi folks, have tickets for Janet in March 2016 and have section BK J Row R – can anyone please help me decipher the seating chart as there is nothing online anywhere I can find that uses this format. I see numbered sections and rows but nothing even remotely similar to BK J Row R – help ;) Thanks

    • Hi Mark. Did you find out where section BK is in the end? I’ve got tickets there later this year and would love to know the answer!

  20. I have tickets for my daughters to see One Direction on sunday 11th October they are in the show deck seats 17 & 18 theres no other information on the tickets, I can’t find the show deck on any of the seating plans, can anyone help as in are they good seats?

  21. Hi, we have purchased seats for disney on ice- what’s the layout? Also we are in block 3 upper AA – any reviews on these seats please x seats 123

  22. We’re looking to book tickets for Michael McIntyre; to be seated on Block A, Row A. Are they good seats or is there some restrictions we should know about?

  23. Hey! I’m going to get tickets to see Fall Out Boy in October, and my two choices are upper block 5, row FF and seats on the very left (so quite central), or upper block 1, row PP… Which do you think would be the best? I saw them last year standing which no seated view would be able to beat, but also means I’m not too disappointed about ‘bad’ seats because I know how great they are live! Just wondering which you think would be the best to have? Thank you :)

  24. hi, we are wondering if we got good seats for prodigy Bk5 row r 234-5?

  25. Hi,
    I’ve managed to get tickets for 1D concert for my daughter and her friends for Sat 10 Oct.. the seats are on BK1, row N 39-41. Are these close enough to the stage? Thanks

    • block 1 is on the right side of the stage, and row N is the lower tier in the middle/front! the view will be good! but mind that they’ll be facing the front more times than the sides. but one direction don’t ever really stay in one place, so they’ll definitely come over to your side and give you a cheeky grin!

  26. Hi! I’d like to know how’s the view from block B, row YA for One Direction show in October. Thanks!

    • good seats! block b is in the middle of the floor, closest to the stage. YA is near to the back of the section, however is still very good! very good seats :)

  27. A friend of mine has booked two tickets for Michael McIntyre in September and we are in Block H which I am aware is at the back and in the middle. I would like to know if the view will be blocked by the sound deck they have in the middle? I am less inclined to go if I will be sat watching the big screen.
    Thanks in advance

  28. June 5th I mean! ha

  29. Hi! I have concert tickets for 5SOS on the 6th June and my seats are Block E, C3-C5 are these good seats? Just curious. Thanks

  30. hi I have the chance for 2 show deck stool tickets for 1D Birmingham Nia any idea where these are as I want to take my 7 year old daughter I think they are different to the show deck stalls thanks

  31. Tickets for Madonna at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham. Would seats in Block 1 (upper) DD 50 & 51 be good viewing? Many thanks.

    • i’ve been in that row, funnily enough! it is good viewing, you’re in the side block but on the upper tier of that. so you are pretty high up, however you’re at the front of your block. pretty good seating :)

  32. Hi don’t know my seat numbers as yet but was wondering what the view would be like from block 8 row gg. My 9 yr old daughter is a massive Ariana Grande fan and I’m surprising her with a ticket so would be nice if she had a decent veiw of her thanks.

  33. I’m going to see 5 seconds of summer in June this year and I have seats in Section Bk, lower tier, row T, seats 240-241 are these good seats or?

    • *sorry bk 5, lower tier, row T, seats 240-241for 5 seconds of summer June this year

      • Hi purchased depeche mode tickets off 02 priority have bk bk 4 rowing k seats 136 /137 is this on upper or lower tier as writing so small on the map am I a long way back

    • I’m block 12 (upper) LL 495

      I’m going by myself and I don’t know where I’m sitting either

  34. I have got tickets for the Olly Murs Concert at the NIA, Block 12, Row MM, Seats 527/8. I have come to realise that these are right at the back of the arena near the side. I was wondering if you knew how good the view will be from here as its seems to be quite far away from the actual stage.

  35. Block f row c… Any good for john legend concert? Worried I have bought bad seats

  36. is row kk upper 1 seats 43 and 44 good in Barcley card arena to see olly Murs ??? In Birmingham ?? Anyone ?? Thanks

  37. Hi, is it possible to become an admin on this page. I have had a lot of experience at these venues being a resident around the area and I’ve been to plenty of music concerts and comedy shows.

    • Hi Manraj – we’re not looking for admins at the moment but if you’d like to submit a review of a gig (or a venue) we could review this for possible inclusion on our blog (ping us an email). And – as ever – photos from any of the venues we cover are always welcome – that’s the best way for fans to help each other with the view, keep uploading pics! :)

  38. is row kk upper 1 seats 43 and 44 good in Barkley card arena to see olly Murs ???

  39. Hello, I have nicki minaj tickets for Friday, I’m standing, what is the best time to be there for to get to the front to see her?

    • Hi, I’m not actually an admin, but I have been to many concerts and been standing. It really does depend on the day. As your concert is today (sorry for the late reply, but I know this could be useful for anyone who goes standing to a concert in future) – you need to look at it logically. Today is Good Friday for example meaning most people have the day off, so it should be expected that there will be more people queueing earlier than a regular working day for example. Weekends and half terms again are usually busy, so today being part of the Easter Holidays for most of the West Midlands, it will be busy. Some people queue from 12PM on the day of the concert, and some people will queue at 5PM. I have done both and in fact I was closer at the concert I went to at 5PM so it all depends. Different artists anticipate different times. E.g: One Direction and Lady Gaga having hugely dedicated fanbases will be more likely the ones to queue from early hours in the morning.

      What I think you should do is follow the concert on Twitter or Facebook and see if there is anyone putting up pictures of the queue or stating they are queueing up. If you want to get front row, then make sure you get there early hours of the day such as between 6AM-9AM. If you just want a good view, then go between 12PM-5PM or before when the doors open.

  40. Hi I’ve bought michael mcintyre tickets for a surprise birthday present for a friend. Wondering if these are good seats: Block F row P. If you could let me know that would be great as i want this to be a great surprise as he has not had a good year so far and want him to look forward to something :)

    • Hi Alfonso, that sounds like a great gesture and laughter is often the best medicine for tough times so well done! Block F Row P will be fine – pretty middle of the road but you’ll be able to see the stage and the screens and most importantly it’s a comedy gig so the sound is the main thing anyway. He’ll definitely have a great night and I’m sure you’ll be thanked for the kind gesture!

  41. Hi, i can see you have had a lot of questions like this so apologies, but i have bought tickets to Madonna on 16th and have block G, row S. Are these good seats? From where i would be sat, how ‘big’ will she be? Paid £600 for them and am worried i have bought crap seats. :(

    • Hi, I’m not an admin on the website, but I did also purchase Madonna tickets and had a similar problem to you. Where did you purchase your tickets if I may ask? How many did you buy?

      • Hi Manraj – thanks for clarifying that you’re not an admin – we are very happy for fans to exchange tips etc directly!

    • Hi Abb – they are quite far back – difficult to describe in words how “big” she will be – we’ll try to source a photo for you.

  42. Hi! Just bought a ticket for Paul McCartney. Seat location: section BK J, row E. Where is it? I worry it could be too far from stage

    • Hi Jurijs, Block J is in the row of floor-seating blocks that are furthest back in the arena so you will be at some distance from the stage. At least Row E is only 5 rows back in Block J.

  43. Hi, I have tickets for Madonna in December – Block 9, Row E, Seats 393 and 394, how will these be?

    I’m worried I’ve paid too much for rubbish seats. I can’t just be splashing money about.

    • Hi Manraj – it is quite a big venue so you will feel the distance a bit from Block 9 and your seats are actually at the end of the row nearest to Block 8 so that puts you that much further back although potentially you’ll have a slightly better viewing angle than if you were slap bang in the middle looking sideways. on the plus side you are in the lower tier so not too high up.

  44. Hi Mr. Admin

    Block: 8U Row: HH Austalian Pink Floyd…
    I hope it has been a good choice…. This was the best solution still available…
    Do you have a picture of the view from this area?

  45. Hi, got this tickets for Madonna’c concert:

    Seat location: section BK K, row F, seat 6
    Are they good?

    • Hi Fra – they are quite far back as Block K is in the last row of blocks in the floor seating area. You will however get a closer look when Madonna uses the B-stage in the middle of the floor seating are :)

  46. Hi, have just purchased tow tickets for Madonna- we are lower tier- BK9 Row P0 seats 420-421- are these classed as decent seats, how many rows from the front of block 9 will we be? are we far away?

  47. Got tickets bk E row h seats 9/10 are these good seats to stage please for barclaycard arena formally known as nia

    • Hi Tracey – you’re less than halfway back in Block E and seats 9/10 are pretty much bang in the middle of the row so a very nice and central location. Usual comments re: being in a floor seating area apply (i.e. people likely to stand up and dance etc so tall people in your line of sight can be a slight issue) but overall they should be great seats! Have a lovely time and we’d love a photo for the gallery. What/when is the show?

  48. Hi
    Just bought tickets for Madonna, Block 1, Row K, seats 18 and 19, will we get a good view from here?

    • Hi. I have ordered tickets for madonna and we’re in block e row e. How’s the view from here??

      • Hi Craig, the view should be pretty good. Block E will be on the right as you look out from the stage (the layout for Madonna is different to the standard layout on our site). You’ll be a little less than halfway out into the floor seating area from the stage. Usual comments apply regarding being in flat-seated areas and seeing over the heads of taller people directly in front of you but this shouldn’t be a major issue since the stage will be above floor-level. A good thing about your location for this show is that Madonna is having a catwalk leading out to a B-stage and you’ll be pretty close to the B-stage so this should give you a closer look at Madge too :)

    • Hi Chris – you’ll be looking across the stage from a side-on position but we’d still rate those seats as good given how close they are to the stage. Have a great time – when’s the show? Would be awesome if you could make a note to take a pic for our gallery – we’d love to feature it!

  49. Hi there, I was wondering what the view from BLK 5 – Lower Tier is like?

    • Hi Shaz, it’s a fairly large venue so you may feel that you are a little far from the stage but the large screens will definitely help.

  50. Hi i got 2 tickets to see ariana, i got BK A Row D, Seats 3&4, how is the view from there.?

  51. Hello I’ve got tickets for my daughter for 1 direction, block 4 lower, row T, seats 126 127, how is the view from there? Thanks.

    • Hey Sam – good job getting 1D tickets for your daughter! Definite brownie points there no doubt! Lower tier is great and seats 126 and 127 are in a good location since they are right on the aisle between Blocks 3 and 4 so that much closer to the stage and also easy to get in/out. Although block 4 is maybe slightly further from the main stage than would be ideal, 1D will have a catwalk leading to a B-stage. The B-stage is roughly level with the start of Block 3 so won’t be too far away and will give her a chance to get a slightly closer look at the boys! We hope she has a great time and would love to feature one of her photos in the gallery after the show! Remember to come back and upload!

  52. Hello again! which offers better views:
    block 3, 4, 9 or 10?

  53. Hi, looking to buy Nicki Minaj tickets. Would we get a better view sitting in lower tier block 10 row R seats 453 and 454, or upper tier 11 block HH seats 483 and 484? What do you recommend?

  54. Hi, my seats for One Direction are BK B, Row P, Seats 26-27, can you tell me what side of the catwalk we’ll be on and how close we will be? Thank you :)

  55. Hi I’ve bought tix for Morrissey, BK 5 row EE seats 229 and 228, will we have to rely on screens to see? Will Morrissey be like a dot, I’m
    Looking forward to it anyways – how big is the venue ?

  56. Hey there

    For Morrissey, I’ve got Block 09 Upper, Row FF, Seat 405. Bit worried this is going to be a shocking view?

    Thank you

    • Hey Jonny – there are quite high up and quite far back but you should have an acceptable viewing angle and be able to see screens etc so that will help. Have a great time.

  57. We are a party of 9 who wish to see the Tattoo again in November. Could you suggest good seats for us – 4 on one row and 5 behind. Unfortunately one of our ladies has trouble with stairs so doesn’t want a lot to climb. Last year we were in block 8 lower tier which was excellent but these seats have gone. We would appreciate your advice on similar seats. Thanks for your help.

    • I have seats for Bette Milder, in July. The seats are at the back ,seats 90etc, rowNN , block 2upper tier. They seem a long way back are they OK? I tried to book online and was going for GG, , but it wouldn’t complete transaction. Sadly when I rang 5 minutes later, I was given NN. Gwyneth

      • Hi Gwyneth – as you know they are very high up but at least you’re in Block 2 which is relatively close to the stage so we’re sure you’ll still have a decent night of it from there. Have a great time! :)

    • HI, my friend (who lives in Wales and I live in Worcester) bought tickets for Strictly tomorrow afternoon but sadly she has had a family bereavement and doesn’t feel up to going and has really kindly said I can have them. She posted them to us last Tuesday but unfortunately they haven’t arrived!!! Is there any chance we would be able to get in without them?

      • Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your friend’s loss and sorry that we weren’t able to get back to you sooner. How did it turn out?

    • Hi Joy – since you want your tickets in a specific configuration the best thing would be to call the ticketing company as soon as possible and book over the telephone since the website will just give you 9 in a row. Ideally anywhere in the lower tier (we think Blocks 4 and 9 are still available) but you should be able to access any of the seats using the lifts provided for people with reduced mobility. Just check that the lifts etc are all working when you book. Good luck!

  58. Hi me and my friend have brought tickets to one direction. I selected floor seats but in the commotion I’m not sure what kind of view we have? It says were in BK D row J Seats 10&11 .. do they have a good view? :) thanks

    • Hi Tasha – they’re in the front-middle section of the block which itself is of course the middle of three blocks going out from the stage so not too far back at all and should provide a decent view.

    • Hi I’m
      BK E row YA seat 26-27 can you tell me if I have a good seat please

      • Hi they are at the back of the middle floor seating block. In an ideal world, you’d have a row a bit closer to the stage but the venue isn’t HUGE so it shouldn’t feel like you are just looking at little dots or anything like that. Only other issue is the usual one that applies for all floor seating where people are likely to stand up right in front of you which can interfere a bit if they are tall and you are short!

  59. Hi :)
    I have booked tickets to see 1D next year on the 10th October, I was in a huge panic over it and got whatever seats I could. Is block D row V seats 14,15 any good? Also, how close is it to the B stage?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Danielle – they are a fair way back but nowhere in Block D would be described as awful so it won’t be a case of looing at tiny dots on the stage from there. The seat numbers run from 1 (closest to the centre / block E) to 18 (closest to the edge of the floor area. So unfortunately you won’t be on the same side as the catwalk but you won’t be too far from it – if we had to guess we’d say that the end of the B-stage will be roughly level with what would be Row K in Block E if there were no catwalk. As such, you’ll only be about 10 rows behind it. Have a great time and remember – any tickets are better than no tickets! :)

      • Thank you so much for responding you have helped me out alot! Just one more thing, I also have tickets for the Monday date in Block E, i have row S seats 24&25 are 24&25 near the left or right of the block? I have looked at seating plans and it says the numbers only go up to 18? Thanks :)

        • Hi Danielle – the venues can change the default arrangement slightly (or sometimes a lot!) for different shows. Nevertheless, as far as we know, the numbers still always run in the same direction i.e. you’d be in the left hand side of the block.

  60. Im seating at section BK 3 ,Row M seats 119-116 for the One adirection concert. Where would that be?

  61. I was looking to buy Ben Howard tickets and was wondering what would be better; Lower tier Block 3 Row S OR Standing? What do you think?

    • Hu James – it really comes down to personal preference. Not a bad place to sit but if you want to be right in the heart of the action or you’re prepared to turn up early and secure a place right at the front then standing might suit you better!

  62. Hi, I’ve only got a booking confirmation for 1D next October which says “Ticket Details: Block F/D 5-6 (2)”. Does this mean Block F, Row D, seats 5&6? Because I had to buy the first seats offered, I’m now a little concerned from the comments above that I appear to be in a flat seated section. My daughter will only be 8 then, and she’s not the tallest. I presume there’ll be no problem with me putting her on my shoulders? Thanks, sid

    • Hi Sid – that would be our best guess to but ticketing agents all use their own codes so you’d have to check with them to be 100%. Don’t know what the official policy is at the NIA re: putting children on shoulders but we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be the first or only one!

  63. Hi, I have Block 5 Upper Seats 194-195 and im wondering if that’s a good enough view of the stage>


    • Hi Lucy – there’s no escaping the fact that you’re up pretty high and very near the back of the arena but we have heard others says that they’ve still enjoyed a great night from there and that you will be able to see the screens (which we understand are very large at the NIA Arena). Have a great time :)

  64. I recently bought 1d tickets and im block 11 lower, row Q and seats 480+ something, I think, could you tell me if I will have a good view from these seats considering there will be a catwalk. Thanks x

  65. Hi

    I’ve just bought nicki tickets as a surprise for my son for Xmas. our seats are block 1 row EE seats 19 – 18, have I chose well??? I didn’t really have a clue and I just put in best available which gave me a choice of a few, I chose the closest block to the stage, hope I did good

    • Hi Sarah – that’s understandable! Well done for getting tickets!

      Block 1 is in the tiered section next to the stage. The block is side-on but seats 18 and 19 are fairly well located (you’ll essentially be sat at a right angle to the stage looking straight across it). No reason to anticipate your view being restricted. Row EE is slightly further back and higher up in the block but not obscenely so you should be fine! Have a great time and please come back to upload a photo after the show!

      If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  66. Hi, how is the view from upper block 10 ,row hh ,seats 428/9?

  67. I am thinking about buying my mum Olly Murs tickets, will we get a better view from lower block 7, 8 or 9 or upper block 3 or 4?

    • Hi Heather – it will depend a bit on exact seat and row numbers but here are some general guidelines to help you choose:

      Blocks 3 and 4: The upper tier at the NIA is not too bad, particularly the lower few rows. On that side of the arena seat numbers increase as you move away from the stage so you want the lowest seat number on offer.

      If you can get a decent row/seat number in Block 3, definitely go for Block 3 over Block 4.

      Blocks 7, 8 and 9 – all will offer a decent viewing angle of the whole stage and both screens. Just so you know – Block 9 starts at Row E (i.e. that’s the front row) whereas 7 and 8 start at Row A.

      We’d probably go for Block 9 IF you can into Rows E to L and a seat number of 414 or higher. Otherwise, out of Block 7 and 8 whichever has the lowest row letter.

      Hope that helps and hope you find tickets! Let us know what you go for! :)

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  68. Hi I recently booked tickets for one direction I was panicking and I picked any tickets i have been stressing about where im sitting. I was wondering what the view would be like in Block 7 UPPER??? Please help

    • Seats 302 and 303

    • Hi Karishma – no doubt you’re aware it’s right at the back but at least you’ll get a dead-on straight view of the stage and both screens. The NIA is not the worst when it comes to the upper tier seats or the distance from the stage. You will be relying more on the screens from that location but – at the end of the day – you’ll be much closer than the millions of 1D fans who don’t have tickets! :)

  69. Hey I just ordered Nicki tickets and I got seat for bk 1 row N lower tier I want to know how close to the front my seat will I be

  70. Hi. We have a choice of tickets for the One Direction show on Monday 12th October and would be grateful if you could let me know which seats would give us the best view as we will have young children with us. The options are Block F Row Z, or Block 9 Row EE. Many thanks.

    • Hi Kelly – Block 9 Row EE is quite high up and quite far back in the block. BUT…it’s likely (inevitable?) that most people in the (flat) floor seating areas will be standing up and/or dancing which could make it quite difficult for your little ones. Block 9 – being a tiered seated block – might therefore be a better idea if you’re concerned.

  71. Hey there, me and my sister have brought tickets for one direction’s show next year. We are sitting on section BK 4 Row Q Seats 133-132 i was wandering where we would be sitting and where the seating arrangement are?

    • Hi Anabelle the standard seating layouts are shown in our seating plans above. The floor area will be slightly different for the 1D concert but this won’t affect you in Block 4. Seats 132 and 133 are roughly in the middle of the row but slightly closer to the end which is closer to the stage. The front row in that block is actually E (not A) so you’ll only be 11 rows back. Have a great time :)

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  72. I have just purchased tickets for 1D next October BK E row W seats 16 and15. Can you tell me what sort of view we will enjoy. Thanks….

    • Hi Dean – well you can’t go too wrong in the floor area if you like being in the thick of it. Block E is nice and central (you’ll be on the side nearest to Block D). Row W is near the back of that block but the NIA is not so huge that you’ll feel like the lads are little dots on the stage or anything. Also, the seating plan for this event suggests that there will be a catwalk and a B-stage which extends into the middle of Block E! So, on that basis, you’ll have an ok view for most of the show and a fabulous one when they are on the second stage! Have a great time and please do come back to upload a pic!

  73. hi, i just bought one direction tickets and it says im in section bk10 ee 419-422 could you please tell me where that is? thanks

    • Hi Lucie – you can see where Block 10 is on our seating plan. The block is then divided into two sections a lower tier and an upper tier. You’ll be in the 5th row of the upper tier on the side of the block nearest to Block 9. Hope that helps! Which show are you going to?

  74. Hi! We have just booked tickets to see one direction! We sat in upper tier block 12 row DD! Are these seats any good?!?! Thanks!

    • Hey Jess, congratulations on getting tickets! Main point in favour of Block 12 is of course that it’s at the front of the area, close to the stage :) Row DD is quite high up and it can get a little hot/stuffy so dress accordingly (tip: thin layers!). Beyond that it depends on your exact seat numbers. Anywhere between 495 and 530 should be fine. Any higher than that and you’re getting quite far along the side of the stage and would feel a bit like you’re sitting behind the stage…

  75. Hi I have just got myself and my daughters tickets for 1 Direction next October 12th. In the panic cos the tickets were selling out I had to get what I could !
    The seats are block 1 19-21 row H
    It looks like 1d have a runway through the floor seating and it didn’t say restricted view but I am a bit worried cos my youngest will only be 9
    Do you think these seats will be ok ? not that I can do much about it now lol
    Cheers for your help

    • Hi Sharon – that’s understandable! Well done for getting some!

      Block 1 is not floor seating it’s in the tiered section next to the stage. The block is side-on but seats 19 to 21 are fairly well located (you’ll essentially be sat at a right angle to the stage looking straight across it). No reason to anticipate your view being restricted and Row H is probably a good compromise between being close to the stage and having a bit of height to see over heads/the runway etc. Should be fine! Have a great time and please come back to upload a photo after the show!

      If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  76. Hi we have just booked tickets for One Direction we have Block A row C is there a good view from these seats worried as I have an 8 year old with me?
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Kerry – you can’t really do better than the first few rows of Block A, B or C! People will almost inevitably stand up and that could of course make it a little more difficult for him/her to see but as you’ll only be 3 rows back you should be able to find an angle through! Which show are you going to?

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  77. Hi
    Just booked two tickets for 1D, Barclaycard Birm. Block 11 Row H, 497\498 any good?

  78. I’m in BK G for one direction. We first thought it would be block b which is right by their walkway but does bk g mean block g? (Ticketmaster said section: BK G) We paid a lot for them so were wondering how good the seats are. :) thanks!

    • Hi Beth – yes, sounds like Block G from that description but if you think you paid for Block B you should contact Ticketmaster! Have a great time in any event! If you’re in Block G, don’t panic, you still won’t be too far from the end of the catwalk and also the NIA isn’t so huge that you’ll be watching a tiny little dot on the main stage either.

  79. Hey I’ve just booked tickets to see one direction on the 19th, I got block f row e is this quite a good view of the stage?

  80. Hi I have booked to see Ariana Grande and got block 6 row m whats view like please?

  81. hi i have just purchased tickets for ariana grande block 10 seats hh are they good seats

    • Hey Tracy – on the whole they’re ok. Block 10 is nice and central. The higher your seat number the better (they go up to around 452 in that block). The only thing to bear in mind is you’ll be fairly high up in Row HH and it can be a little hot/stuffy so dress accordingly and keep some water on you! Enjoy the sow and please come back to upload a pic!

  82. Wanting to purchase michael buble tickets for tomorrow. Block A H 7 and 8 any good? Can you stand up and get near the front?

    • Hi Emma – yes great seats front block, central and not too many rows back. Don’t think you’d be able to stand up and move forward though in a fully seated concert. Have a great time and please do come back to upload a pic!

  83. hi, I have booked 2 seats to see Michael Buble on 2nd dec .via priority booking on 2nd october. I couldnt believe we would be allocated the very back row seats MM block 10 when I opted for the most expensive prices £170 inc . My husband has tried to assure me we will be ok but I am extremely upset and would have thought the back rows would be cheaper seats .

    • Hi Lynda – sorry to hear that! You realise we are not affiliate with the venue/booking agents in any way right?

      Everyone at are music/live event fans themselves and understand that it’s tough when tickets cost so much money and you don’t end up with great seats. That’s what we hope to help with – give people the tools/info to do as much research as possible before buying tickets!

      At this stage all we can really do is offer a little advice about the venue in case you haven’t been. The ventilation there is not always the best and it can be worse in the higher/rear rows so we’d suggest wearing thin layers that you can easily peel off if it gets too warm/stuffy. Also, some of the stairs aren’t the best so flat shoes rather than heels is generally a better idea for the ladies! Hope you enjoy the show and would be great if you could upload a photo!

      • Hi sorry for sounding off at you didnt realise !! . Yes you are right . went last night. it was very high up and hot and stuffy .I did get used to it after a while although would not book these seats again (didnt think I had ).Having said all that ,was a fab view and Michael Buble was just AMAZING .loved it .

        • No problem! This site was started by live event fans, for live event fans so we understand! You can make it up to us by spreading the word and asking any fellow concert-goers you know to upload their pics to the site :)

  84. Hiya! I’m seeing Michael Buble tomorrow night, and we’re in Block 1, row EE in seats 44-45, I think they look good, but will the view be restricted?

    • Hi Yasmin – they’re good seats and you shouldn’t have anything restricting your view. We’ll look out for a photo tonight! ;)

      • I have seats for Michael Bubl’e tomorrow nigh block b row u 15/18 are they good seats

        • Hi Debbie – you can’t go too wrong in Block B to be honest! You’ll only have an issue if you have too many tall people directly in front of you!

          In any case – you’re there now so hope you’re enjoying the show and we look forward to hearing how it went and seeing a pic for the gallery! :)

  85. Hi I just booked tickets for me and my 6 year old daughter to come and see Ariana grande in June. We are block 9 row c and seats 411 and 412 are these good seat? Will we have a good view? Thanks

    • Hi Sarah – you’re in the upper tier but only 3 rows back and people generally report that, as the NIA is fairly small, the view is ok from the upper rows. We believe your seats are the ones right next two Block 10 in which case that’s also pretty central so all in all we think you should have a decent view! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to upload a photo after!

  86. Hi. Wanting to but tickets for the Michael Buble concert at NIA. The tickets for block 1 and 12 are cheaper. Are they restricted view?

    • Hi Carla – they are very much side-on but shouldn’t be restricted unless advertised/marked as such. That said we ALWAYS recommend checking with the venue if you are concerned as we cannot say for certain for every show since lighting/speakers etc will be set up differently and they are the main objects that could restrict a view from those blocks. Otherwise, our general advice for those blocks would be as follows:

      - If in Block 1 aim for seat number of 28 or above – the higher the better.
      - If in Block 12 aim for 520 or below – the lower the better.
      - In both cases aim for a row which is a single letter i.e. U or less.

      Hope that helps!

  87. We have tickets on Block G/P17 & 18 which are on the back row of the block for Michael Buble next week. As we have never been to the NIA, soon to be Barclaycard Arena, we were just wondering if we will be able to clearly see him or if he will just be a dot in the distance!??

    • Hi Anne – the NIA is not absolutely huge as venues go so actually although it is of course at the back of the floor seating area, it’s not quite the “little dot” situation! With the screens for support you’ll be fine.

      Also – while we’re not 100% on this – we may have some exciting news for you…We believe that he does a second set on a B-stage located in between blocks G and J :) Please come back to let us know and upload a pic!

  88. I have the choice of either block 03, lower tier J98 and J99 OR block 12, upper tier HH497 and HH498 for Michael Buble on 2nd Dec. Which would be the best seats, in your opinion? Many thanks.

    • Hi Steph – if you don’t mind being a bit higher up we’d probably plump for Block 12 just to be closer to the stage. Both sets of tickets will offer a decent view though and the lower tiers of the side blocks are not a bad place to be at all.

  89. Hi
    Just booked ticket for olly murs we have 1/u LL 32 33, are there any restricted views and sufer only slightly with vertigo, concerned as it wasn’t mention when booking, have booked tickets before at fm notts and this has been mentioned as a condition of bookin, have paid £65 each for these tickets. Please advise thank you.

  90. I have just booked bette midler Block 3 row Q are they good view points.Thank you

  91. Hi, I have just booked tickets at the NIA in BK. B Row K seats 25-26 but on the map it looks as if there are only 18 seats in block B rows. Please can you confirm where these seats are? Thank you

  92. Have tickets for block 12 lower E515-518 didn’t realise on front row ground level, will view be restricted ?

  93. Hi I have booked blk 2 row f 90-91, are these good seats. Thanks

    • Hi Manda – yes these are lower tier tickets on the side, good angle and decent location within Block 2. All in all these are great seats! Have a great time and remember to upload a pic! What are you seeing?

  94. I have block 12 row G for the demi lovato concert, will we be able to see good?

    • Hey Jodie the block is to the side of the stage but none of the seats in Row G are in too awkward a position so all in all you’ve got fantastic seats as you’ll be really close to the action :)

      Icing on the cake would be if your seat number is 520 or lower but don’t worry if it’s not!

      Have a great time and pls do come back to upload a pic!

  95. Hi.
    I have blk 3 row nn (so upper tier) will the view be any good?

    • Also tickets for a diff concert blk 1 upper row bb? Thx

      • Hey Hayley – sure, you’ll have a good view. Again (amazingly given it’s the only photo in this gallery at present) you can see the view from Block 1 Row NN. Given you’ll be several rows further down / closer to the stage, you’ll have a good view :)

    • Hi Hayley – Block 3 is a decent position block-wise. Block NN is high up but other than that no problem. The photo in the gallery is actually from Row NN and as you can see, the view is fine (although the fan in question may have zoomed in slightly). Have a great time and be sure to upload a pic!

  96. Due to health reasons I cannot sit on the tier seats as there is not enough leg room. I also cannot stand for long periods of time which makes it difficult on the floor seating as more than often people stand during concerts . I hold a disabled badge is there an answer to my problem as I would love to see Olly Muirs in concert

    • Hi Pam, the venue run a dedicated ticketline for accessible seats. That’s probably your best bet. Here’s the number: 0844 581 0700. We’re sure there will be a solution and hope you’ll find tickets! If you do, would love to hear from you after the show and get a snapshot for the gallery :)

  97. Hi
    Booked block 12 row j seat 527 what will the view be like

    • Hi Tina – the pic in the gallery is from Block 1 seat 22 which is essentially identical to the view you will have save that it’s taken from the opposite side of the arena and you’ll be several rows nearer the front of the block and hence the stage. You’ll have a good view – hope you’ll come back and upload a pic. Have fun!

  98. catherine casement

    hi we have seats for bk a row q seats 13 -14 can you tell where these are thankyou

    • Block A is to the right as you look out from the stage. Block starts at Row A. You’ll be roughly in the middle of the block in those seats.

  99. Hi, I have tickets in Block 2 (lower tier) Row G, 56-57 and I wanted to know how good the view would be? I have searched online and it’s been useless finding out so far

  100. there is also a option for BK 11, LOWER tier, row Q seats 477-478, what are the best out of those 3 options?

  101. hello, I have an enquiry so I have an option to swap my tickets bl 12 row dd seats 519-520 for bk 12, row k (lower tier) seats 515-516 which seats do you think will offer a better view?!!!

  102. Where is seats bk row m seats 290-291

    • Hi Rob – you don’t say which Block you’re in (BK usually just stands for “block”) but from the seat numbers it seems you’re in Block 7? If so that’s located toward the back of the arena, directly opposite the stage. Row M is in the front section of Block 7. Since you’ll be facing the stage straight on you should have a good viewing angle and clear acoustics.

  103. Hi i have to tickets, Block 12 row DD seats 519-520, what view is this?

    • Hi Tolani, if you have a look at the photo above that is taken from Block 001. You’re view will be very similar except that you’ll be looking at the stage from the opposite side and you’ll be a few rows further forward.

  104. I have tickets to see the Who at the Birmingham NIA on Sunday 7th December as I could not get good seats for the London O2 arena. We have seats in lower block 2 row E seat 91 and 92. Are they good seats? I think they are good seats as Saw them at this venue in June 2004 and we were in the same block and had the same sort of seats. Any info be great.

    • As a general rule at most conventionally-shaped venues (i.e. roughly rectangular with an end-staged arrangement, like the NIA) we think lower tier seats up to about half-way back along either side are generally a pretty decent place to sit. We think you’re in the very front row of Block 2′s lower tier and you’ll be sitting roughly in the middle so you should have a good view and be in a good position to enjoy the atmosphere too. Have a great time :)

  105. Hi we have tickets to see enrique and wondered if we will be even able to see him. Our seats are block 5 (upper) LL 174. Any ideas ? Thanks

    • Hi Karen – there’s no escaping the fact that you’re up pretty high and very near the back of the arena but we have heard others says that they’ve still enjoyed a great night from there and that you will be able to see the screens (which we understand are very large at the NIA Arena). Have a great time :)

  106. Hi,

    I have just booked tickets for block 11 row E (don’t know what seat number yet) and wondered if these will give a good view of the stage (Michael Buble).

  107. I have tickets for block 3, row HH, seats 126 and 127… Is it a good view from there? Thanks.

    • Hi Jade – since we don’t yet have many photos from this venue we’ve dug around for you and here’s a video from the upper tier of Block 11 (not our video btw). You should have a similar view from Block 3 save that you’ll be looking down on the stage from the opposite side of the arena if that makes sense! Hope that helps and look forward to seeing your pic(s) from the show! :)

      Here is the link:

  108. I have tickets for strictly upper block10 row cc what will the view be like thanks

    • Hi Karen – you’re in the upper tier but only 3 rows back and people generally report that, as the NIA is fairly small, the view is ok from the upper rows – even for normal end-stage concerts. Given that this is Strictly you’ll have a better view than for a normal gig since instead of looking side-on to the stage you’ll be looking straight down at the performance area. Block 10 is quite central too so all in all we think you should have a decent view! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to upload a photo after!

  109. Hi

    I have tickets for block 1 ROW E, seats 36/37. Can you tell me if they are restricted view seats?

    • Hi Vivienne – we don’t think those are restricted view but – although you will be near to the front of the stage – you will still have a side-on view. That said, when the performer(s) are near to your side of the stage that might actually be quite cool since Row E is actually the front row of Block 1. Enjoy

      • Thank you so much for your help. Was expecting a side on view but was worried if there would be anything/equipment in my way.

  110. I have two seat in Block 12 but they are more towards the back of the stage are these good please? Row M Seats 531 & 532. Thanx

    • Hi Billy. The last seat in that row (i.e. the seat right in the corner) is 534 so you have the two seats just next to that. They will give you a side-on view like the one shown in the photo above (from Block 001) although you’ll be slightly further along the side of the stage you will be quite a few rows further forward so hopefully you’ll still be able to enjoy the show from there. Please do let us know how the seats are on the night and upload a photo to the site! Thanks! SR

  111. Where are seats 126 and 127 bl3 row GG?

    • Hi Ash, if you look at our plan, they are in the Upper Tier (dark green area) in the block between the ones marked 3 and 4. The row is about halfway back and the seats are more towards the block numbered 4.

      • hi can you please tell me what the view for strickly would be like on block 9 row s, seats 415, 416

        • Hi Kerry, you’ll have a good view :) The layout is different to a usual end-stage concert of course, the dance floor is where the floor-standing/flat-seating area would usually be. That means that the most central blocks are 10 and 3 (which is opposite 10). You are in Block 9 which is still next to the performance area and your seats are only about 6 seats away from the aisle between blocks 9 and 10 which is another plus factor. The front row is E not A in this arrangement which means you are only 9 rows back! Have a great time and please do come back to upload a photo!

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