3Arena (formerly O2), Dublin, Ireland

N Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland

For more information check out our 3Arena, Dublin: FAQs below! If there are any questions we haven’t covered, please leave a question in the comments section.

3Arena (formerly O2) Arena Dublin Seating Plan

See the layouts for the 3Arena (formerly O2) Arena Dublin Seating Plan in our gallery below. (Click on images to enlarge).

What are the best seats at the 3Arena (formerly O2) Arena Dublin? What is the view like from Block [...] of the 3Arena (formerly O2) Arena Dublin? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

(Click on images to enlarge).

Oh – and if you find these photos helpful (we’re sure you will) – please remember to add your own photos from this venue or any other venue on our site or which you think we should feature!

3Arena, Dublin:FAQs

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Blocks: 3Arena Block A; 3Arena Block B; 3Arena Block C; 3Arena Block D; 3Arena Block E; 3Arena Block F; 3Arena Block G; 3Arena Block I; 3Arena Block J; 3Arena Block K; 3Arena Block L; 3Arena Block M; 3Arena Block N; 3Arena Block P.

Rows: Row A, Row B, Row C, Row D, Row E, Row F, Row G, Row H, Row J, Row K, Row L, Row M, Row N, Row P.

What’s on (2015):

14 January: Slipknot
15 February: X Factor
21 February: The Coronas
3 March: Spandau Ballet
4 March: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
11 March: Lionel Richie
20 March: Usher
27 March: Lord of the Dance
7 April: Paul Simon & Sting
22 April: The Vamps
28/29 May: 5sos, Five Seconds of Summer
3 July: Neil Diamond
6/7 November: Michael McIntyre
15-19 December: How Now Mrs Brown



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  4. Hi, I won tickets for David Gray, and can’t figure out were Bill be sitting as if never even been . It says row 19 seat 177 block G.. can anybody tel me if these r gd seats, and where I’ll be sitting on the map.

  5. RingB rowF seat 7 is this right near the ring for wrestling

  6. Section D for U2. The tickets say they might have limited or obstructed view. Does anyone know how limited or obstructed the seats will be?

  7. Hi I got seats for walk with dinasaurs block e row 30 are these good seats our son is 9 and last time they were up in the very high seats

  8. Hi, I bought tickets for an upcoming show, it’s Block H Row 52 seat 36-37, how are these seats? I tried looking at the 3arena seating plan but there are 3 block H there and I don’t know which one I’ll be in.

    • ….my daughter bought me 2 tickets for cliff Richard on sat.night ,what’s the best time to collect these in ticket box office on night of 29th ?

  9. I’m curious if anyone has been to 3Arena and the venue had a Golden Circle? I’m wondering because I’m thinking about offering as gift a ticket to James Blake/Kendrick Lamar and there’s only availability on the Golden Circle.. Wondering if it’s worth it or not given they are quite pricey.

  10. I got tickets for macklemore for the 3 arena Section GA2 row G4 seats 633
    I cant find them on the 3 arena map where am I sitting or is this standing

    • I had the same worry for same gig. On the automated response on ticketmaster customer helpline, it said standing bookings will be given seat numbers, but if it starts GA, you’re standing!

  11. Hi there I have tickets for Chic block M row 38 seats 189 and 190 will our view be obstructed and are they ok? Thanks

  12. I have tickets for both Block G and Block L….which would have the better view?

  13. Hi. Just wondering what block C, row 12 is like please? Will I have a good view. Thanks a million.
    (Queen and Adam Lambert concert)

  14. Hi i have tickets for Eddie Vedder block f row 27 in the 140s seat section are these good seats? Many thanks

  15. Hi i as giving tickets as a present to GOOD MORNING MRS BROWN 2017 . The tickets are for BLOCK D ROW 29 SEAT 103 AND 104 . can you tell me if theses seats are high up as i have bad virtigo and i cant sit high up . Normally i would book seats on lower level but as i got tickets as a present i didnt get to pick my seats regards mary

    • As seats go – they are excellent seats. Whether theyare too high for your vertigo – i dont know. My suggestion would be to arrive early with a note from your Gp about the vertigo, check out the seats and ask to speak to a seating manager if you find you have a problem with the height. Hope this helps.

  16. I have 6 table tickets for the Premier League darts 6th April 2017.
    X4, 14, Seats 7-12. Any idea where these seats are located? The floor plan only shows rows 1 – 18

  17. hi, i have tickets for the Ariana Grande tour. I am just wondering my seats are block L, row 51, seat 135. These are seats at the back but roughly how far back? And will I still be able to see?

  18. Hiya, I got tickets for bruno Mars section ga1 row4 and also have ones for block p row 36, which would be the best view?

  19. I have tickets for drake in 2017 and with all the panic of ordering them as fast as I could online, I don’t remember if I clicked standing or sitting. My tickets say section GA3 row G10 and there’s no seat numbers, I have a good feeling these are standing tickets but because they have row numbers on them I just wanted to make sure.

  20. which seats have the better view point
    block D row 30 seat no. 99 or
    Block G row 28 seat no. 125
    Shawn Mendez all seated show. Bringing an 11 year old.

    • Block D is by far the better block. You will be looking straight ahead to the stage. Block G is to the side, so you would be looking into the band members earholes :) If you can get tickets in Block D, snap them up.

  21. i have tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Block A Row 21, seats 29,30……..I think thats the first row behind the standing section, will i be able to see?

    • Yes, you will be able to see fine. The balcony is high above the standing audience. So what you have is front row in Block A in the balcony. You will have a clear view of the stage.

  22. Hi I have seats for Selena Gomez in November 2016 and I was wondering is Block G Row 28 seats 211-212 good seats or will you not be able to see her? Thanks

  23. Block G Row 18 208-211 – have these seats restricted viewing for 12 yr olds?

  24. Hi I’ve tickets for BUSTED they say G2 491/492 just wondering where will we be standing ? Thanks

  25. I have tickets for Bryan Adams Block K Row 42 seats 95-96 are these good seats

  26. hello again, got block L row 43 seats for 5sos next year. bit disappointing since it’s quite far back but will we be able to see the band clearly? or will they just be ants on stage haha xD

  27. Hey just got tickets in the 3 arena, dublin and I ordered standing but it came back saying I’m in block G seats 436-437. But the hightest seat number seems to be about 250. Does anyone know where these seats are?

    • Does it say Block G or GA because GA is general admission which is standing (the numbers would be the running total of standing tickets sold at that point). Hope this helps.

  28. I just bought soundcheck tickets for 5sos, it says GA1 that I presume is standing but then in the tickets confirmation it says GA1 G4 seat 13. But aren’t all GA standing tickets? I selected standing package and now I have a seat? Please, someone help

    • GA is general admission which is standing (seat numbers are just for ticketmaster I presume to track numbers sold). Hope this helps.

  29. Hi i have tickets for 5sos they are section GA1 row G4 but then says seats 151-152. is this standing or seating? and is it close to the stage? someone help!

  30. Hi. Have tickets for 1D. Block P, row 34, seat 241. Is that far back and are the seats very high?

  31. Hi, Taking my teenage daughter to see her favorite band ,5 seconds of summer, we are in block D,row 32 , Is that too far back to see the band?

  32. Have tickets for the 1d concert,Ga2,my daughter is only seven what can I do about this,because I presume these are standing tickets

  33. I have tickets for entrance 1 and 3..I have 3 teenagers with me .will 2 of them be left go to other entrance without me..Also tickets are G1 304 and 305 and G5 855 and G5 854 it says ground standing..will we be in different sections.thanks

  34. I’ve tickets for fall out boy, and they say section GA3, is that standing?

    • Hi there

      I bought tickets for my parents to see Andre Rieu in the 3 Arena – the seats are in Block A Row 12, seats 1 & 2. how good /bad are these seats? Will they have a good view?


  35. Hi, I have one ticket for One Direction, sector L row 47 seat 152.
    I know that sector L and row 47 in very high and far from the stage, but should also be pretty central, right?
    Do you think I will be able to actually see the singers or I will just see coloured spots moving on the stage?

  36. Hi, I got tickets for Fleetwood Mac on the 10th of July. My ticket says section GA3 number G6 104. Does this mean I’m standing?

  37. I got tickets for One Direction for the 18th October and they’re supposed to be seating but it says section GA3 , number G10 231. Just wondering what they are and if it is seating is it a good view?

  38. Hey there, i have a ticket for the one direction Concert on the 16th of october. It’s GA1 and i know that’s a standing ticket. But what does the number G3 433 mean ? Are on the standing area also seats ? If so, would it be a good seat ? Thank u :)

  39. Hi tickets for 5SOS standing block C. What way is the standing located, where will I be standing?? 3arena Dublin?? Many thanks Sue

  40. Hello, I have a ticket for 5SOS, Block E, row 25, seat 137, how’s the view there? Thank you

  41. Hi, I bought tickets for the Taylor Swift concert in June, they both say GA1 (I bought them as standing tickets) on them but one also says G1 242 and the other says G3 79? I wasn’t originally bothered by this (bought them in separate transactions) but then saw the seating plan for the Taylor Swift concert has the standing area split in two because of the stage…anybody know if the numbers mean me and my friend will be in separate sections? Hoping not :(

  42. Hi I’ve a VIP package to Taylor Swift and each tickets says ground floor standing G3 165 and 166 how near is this to the very front and is it located in the VIP Pit??

  43. Hi I have block D row 14 seats for the 5SOS concert. Just wondering If that’s “balcony-view” like or is it still far? thanks.

    • Hi Marie, not sure what you mean regarding a balcony view but no, row 14 won’t be too far back at all and Block D is right in the middle – you’ll have a great view! :)

  44. hi I’ve gotten tickets for one direction in block N row 48 I was just wondering if our seats get a good view?

    • Hi Miriam, Block N is upper tier and Row 48 will be pretty near the top/back (top row in that tier is 52). That said, the layout of the 3Arena means that everyone gets a pretty decent view and you’ll be sat at a decent angle. Apart from the height (which shouldn’t be vertigo-inducing btw) the seats will be fine. Let us know what you think!

  45. Hi I’m going to 5sos and my block is B row 21 do I have a good view?

  46. Just wondering if these are seats or standing block ga3 row 7 seats 408-410 thanks

    • Hi Lauren GA generally means general admission which in turn means standing but we can’t say 100% without knowing what show it is and even then you should check with the venue if you’re concerned. That said – GA is usually standing and the seat numbers are often just for the venue/ticketing companies to keep track of how many they’ve sold.

  47. Hi i have tickets for the darts league , my seats is block f 2nd row are these good seats??

  48. Hi, I got One Direction standing tickets and on them it says G2, how close is that to the stage? is that good view?

    • If you are in Block G, Row 2 then that would be very close to the stage (second row). Just be sure to check it is indeed G2, rather than GA2.

  49. Hi we have seats in block D row 28 seats 114 And 115 are these good seats for spandau ballet . Thanks

  50. Hi, I have read the comments below and realise you have said g1 sounds like General admission so standing, but I specifically asked for tiered seating cause I’ve joint problems. Have you had any feedback about these section numbers? Thanks!

    • Hi – in the comments we were asked about GA1 (not G1). “GA” usually means general admission and this usually means standing. If you are in G1 this may mean Block G Row 1 which would indeed be tiered seating. Please do check with the venue though as we cannot know for sure what codes the venue or any given ticketing agency are using.

  51. what’s the view like from block F row 23?

    • Hi Derek – you can’t go too wrong with the 3Arena particularly in the lower sections (which you are in) and you are central enough in Block F for viewing angle etc so all in all should be good!

  52. just got tickets for my 2 daughters for Libertines in July. can you confirm that section GA1 Row G4 seats 254 – 255 is actually standing? Thanks k

    • Hi Kim – since we’re not directly affiliated with any venue/ticket-brokers we can’t give 100% confirmations on these things but in our experience any tickets marked “GA” are general admission and hence standing.

  53. Whats the view like from block m row 50

    • Right at the top/back of the arena but this is largely compensated for by the fact that the seats are very central so you will have a good viewing angle and be able to see stage/screens easily. The venue isn’t huge so being at the top/back is not a disaster the way it can sometimes be in venues such as the O2 or Wembley Stadium etc.

  54. Hello, for the One Direction concert (16-18 oct) there are standing tickets aswell as seating. What row does seating start at? Is it like the cheerios Childline concert or is there a larger standing area? I’m in block G row 28 seat 175…how far back am I? Thank you.

    • Hi Sarah – don’t have details of the Cheerios Childline concert so can’t comment on that but you’re seats are in the upper section of Block G (about 4 rows from the back). Seat 175 is a good position as it’s near to the aisle with Block F which (as well as having easy access) means it’s a good viewing angle (as it is not too side on). As we mentioned to Clara below, most areas in the venue provide a good view anyway and there’s certainly nothing to worry about in your seats. Have a great time and please do come back to upload a photo!

    • Hello! I have tickets for Black Sabbath, block J, row 38, seats 65+66. How do you think my view will be? Thanks.

  55. Hi thanks for your reply. My row number is 25. So the seat I am in is: Block G, row 25, seat 177. Is that quite far back? And also is it in the lower part of G? Do I have a good view from this seat? Thank you

    • Hi Clara – the upper section of Block G runs from Row 21 to 32 so you are in the upper part but only a few rows back. The arrangement of the 3Arena means there aren’t really any terrible seats and you won’t feel really far away the way you would in the highest sections at the back of larger venues like the O2 Arena for instance. Also, as we mentioned in our last comment, you have a good seat number which will give you a good viewing angle and a decent overall view. Have a great time and please do upload a photo for us after the show!

  56. Hi, my seat number in 177 in block g. Is that a good seat? How far back is it? Where exactly is that seat? Thanks

    • Hi Clara, seat 177 is close to the aisle between sections G and F so that’s a nice location but you would need to look for a row number between 1 (front) and 32 (back) to know how far back you are.

  57. hey is section P row 37 good or bad seats ? Is it to far away form the stage ??

    • Hi Elly – as you’ll know Section P is right on one side of the venue and Row 37 is at the back of that part of of Block P. BUT the horeshoe layout means that even the back rows in the upper tiers feel a lot closer than rows at the back in larger more conventionally arranged venues. As such, we don’t think you’ll feel too far away.

      Check out these photos in our gallery:

      Block H Row 45 (similar position from the opposite side of the venue) – you’ll be 8 rows lower/further forward so you can see how you’re view should be fine.

      Block G Row 34 – this is from the same side of the venue as where you will be just a little lower down / closer to the stage – the angle and height will however be fairly similar.

      Hope that helps enjoy the show and please come back to upload a pic! Which show/date are you going to?

      If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word! http://www.seatradar.com/sr/thanks-commenting

  58. Hi Just bought tickets to 1D concert with my daughter, we are in Block G row 27 seats 189-190. Are these good seats, what will view be like?

  59. Hi,i got tickets for one direction,section GA3 ,Row G7 ,seats 65-66…can you please explain to me where abouts these seats are??thank you

  60. What is the view like from block P ( photo ) please ?

    • Hi Nicole – we’d love to provide you with one but all photos are user-submitted and unfortunately we don’t have currently have a shot from that location in our gallery!

  61. Is row 35 block h seats 8 and 9 good or bad seats? will we be able to see ?

    • Hi Lisa best thing is to check out these photos in our gallery:

      Block H Row 45 – you’ll be 10 rows lower/further forward so you can see how you’ll have a pretty good view :)

      Block G Row 34 – this is from the other side of the venue but the angle and height will be similar so take a look at this too.

      Hope that helps enjoy the show and please come back to upload a pic! Which show/date are you going to?

      If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word! http://www.seatradar.com/sr/thanks-commenting

  62. What will be the best tickets for one direction I have a 9yr old

  63. I have tickets for x factor tour at the arena. Just reading a previous post I don’t think I have great tickets. Could you tell me what to expect. Block g row 5 seats 177 & 178.

    • Hey Fiona – in actual fact if the post you say was referring to having a seat of “165 or lower” in block G (?) that was a mistake on our part – apologies! We’ve amended that to read “185 or lower”. You actually have great seats! :) You are in Row 5 but in actual fact that’s the front row in Block G :)

      Also, you are only two seats from the aisle between blocks F and G so essentially this means you are in some of the very best seats in all of Block G. So, hope that makes you feel better (sorry again!) and enjoy the show! Please do come back and upload a pic! When are you going?

  64. I am thinking about buying tickets for the one direction show I have a 7 year old what would be the best seats for her to have a good view we missed out on there last show and she was to disappoint I am hoping it won’t happen again and can you recommend some good seats we don’t want to stand

    • Hi John, great idea! You’d probably be best going with seats in a tiered section in order to reduce the likelihood of having any issues with your 7yr old being able to see over taller people standing/sitting in front of her.

      On that basis, blocks C; D & E would all be great choices – in particular the first few rows (i.e. near to the front of the blocks).

  65. Is there a good view from block g in the 3Arena?

    • The 3Arena is pretty good for giving most people a decent view. Of course you’re exact view will depend where exactly you are within the block but if you look at the lat photo above (pink/purple lighting) that is from Block G and will give you an idea.

  66. hi we have gotten tickets for fleetwood mac block L think.its row 41 do my seats have a good view Thank you


    • Hi Tara – that’s a nice central position and you’re in the front half of that block so on the whole you should have a good view :) Have a great time and please do come back to upload a pic! If you have any from previous gigs and/or other venues we’d love to have those too!

  67. Is it possible to see the whole stage well from all of the arena floor seats even the seats at the far left and far right ?

    • To the best of our knowledge you can see the stage from the far left and the far right. However, in the seats furthest to each side you would have a side-on view which is not ideal and may make it difficult to see the rear portions of the stage clearly and/or to appreciate special effects on a large, flat screen at the back of the stage (if any). You might also have a slightly less than perfect view of the screen nearest you. If in Block A we’d suggest looking for seat numbers of 20 and above to stay on the safe side. If in Block G, we’d suggest Seat 185 or lower. Hope that helps.

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