O2 Arena, North Greenwich, London

Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX (Nearest tube station: North Greenwich, Jubilee Line).

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O2 Arena Seating Plan

See the layouts for the O2 Arena Seating Plan in our gallery below. (Click on images to enlarge).

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What are the best seats in the O2 Arena? What is the view like from Block [...] of the O2 Arena? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

Images are arranged as follows 100s, 400s then Floor Seating (all in ascending block order). Hover over thumbnails to preview description. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge).

Oh – and if you find these photos helpful (we’re sure you will) – please remember to add your own photos from the O2 Arena or any other venue on our site or which you think we should feature!

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  1. The cable car is a must do leisure attraction for Londoners and visitors and is one of the capital’s most popular observation attractions.

  2. I have tickets for Diana Ross next year
    Block 112, Row L seat 392.. is this a good view also,
    Block A1, Row A seat 4 (I’m aware front row but is it
    Miles over the side? Or still very good for stage view?

  3. Hi I just purchased a ticket for the Within Temptation & Evanescence Worlds Collide concert for London O2 next April. My seat is at block 101 Row R Seat 40, is this a good seat? I had previously purchased a ticket during the presale and I felt that was a bit too far away at Block 105 Row S seat 145, so I’m intending to resell that ticket.

    • hi try looking on the a view from my seat site .you can usually get a view from a seat in the row you have or same seat number in a nearby row.hope it helps.enjoy the concert im going myself .

  4. Hi, are the seats block C3 row A seats 53 and 54 any good? What is the view like please?

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  6. Hi there I have got 3 tickets for nba game in o2 London was just wondering what my seats are like I’m in ste 303 and I can’t find anything on the net about them?!?

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  8. Hi I’m going to see Shawn mendes at the o2 and I’m section 106 row N I was just wondering what the view is like, thanks!!

  9. o2 arena block 114 row w, apparently this is behind the stage?

  10. I have seats in Block 115, row L but all the seating plans say there is no row L, also it seems to be behind the stage, will we still be able to see anything. I am assuming that you only sell those tickets if it is possible to see the act. The tickets are for the Harlem Globetrotters.

    • Hi. Can I ask if you was able to see anything where your seats were. I’ve just brought tickets very near there and it says rear view but I’m worried now that we won’t see a thing?

  11. block 107, row aa seats 213 and 213 whats the view like?

  12. Hi ive purchased tickets for my parents for il divo block A2 row c seats 36/37, can you please tell me if they will have good seats as ive not been before. Thankyou

  13. Hi, I only managed to get seat 416, block 113, Row P for Adele’s concert. Is this seat closer to block 112 and will I only see at a right angle? How will the view be?

  14. I have block B2 row N seats 6and 7 for Adele… are these any good or will people heads be all that I will see. What’s the B stage for on the seating plan? Thanks

  15. I’ve got tickets to see adele Block 118 Seat Row Q 11-14 – anyone know how good the view is from these seats as they look quite far back to the side of the stage…

    • hey, i wanted to ask you how was the view from there because I want to buy a ticket for a concert and it gives me the block 118 row q 12 and I don’t know exactly how is the view?

  16. Hi
    Just bought tickets for Block 421, Row G, Seats 963-964 – do you know if they are split?!

    Many thanks

  17. disney on ice at o2 – floor seats a3 end of row (seats 22-25) any good for little kids (aged 4 & 5)?


  18. Hey what seats are better?

    Block 112, Row F seat 383


    Block 112, Row P seat 391

  19. Hi. I got tickets to see Madonna at the O2 in December. The seats are:
    Block: A3
    Row: ZZ
    Seats: 44-45

    Can you help me locate them on the map? For the life of me I can not find a seating chart with numbered seats for the show. thanks!



  21. Hi so I’m buying tickets for one direction on Friday 25th, at the O2 arena. Which seats would be closest to the cat walk?
    A1-row A. Seats 7,8
    A3-row C, seats 49,59
    A3-row E, seats 45,46

  22. I purchased tickets for Mumford and sons at the O2 yesterday but I’m confused as to my tickets.
    I booked them well within the O2 priority time and it didn’t say the seats were split as I would have rejected and rejoined the que can anyone tell me if my seats are together?!

    They are
    Block 419 row B seat 905
    Block 419 row F seat 917

    Please help!! :):):):)

  23. Hi,You still havent given me any feedback from March 31st?

  24. I have tickets for wear the rise in September . Block C3 row B seats37-39. Expensive tickets but have seen reviews that there is poor visibility . So not that happy .Now I’m worried that the kids won’t see much after paying a lot of money !

  25. Hi my ticket for the One Direction concert 30th is in section b3 row w seat 53. Is this seat close to the catwolk or on the opposite site?

  26. From March 31st-Block116 Row RFor U2 Concert.

  27. We are going to see bet milder on Sunday 19th July my daughter bought the tickets for us for Christmas I have just looked to see where seats are and am really worried as one friend has problems with her back and climbing up to many stairs and the other one suffers with vertigo and freaks out if she’s to high up I am really concerned as my daughter spent over 60.00 each on 4 tickets , we are row p block 405 is there any way we can change them or even if I pay more for different seats please get back to me .

    • Hi Michelle – we are not affiliated with the venue but would suggest that you contact whoever you bought them from and see if a refund is possible. If not, then you could consider selling them on StubHub. Alternatively, if you just want to get your money back (face value) as soon as possible you can advertise them on Twitter (look for @Twickets and they will re-tweet your offer to sell the tickets to tens of thousands of people if they are face value or less). Then purchase new tickets lower down. You may end up paying (significantly) more than face value though given how close the event is. Again, StubHub would probably be your best bet. One last tip – if you don’t manage to get replacement tickets, it’s still worth going and seeing how you feel. Stairs won’t be a problem as it’s possible to take escalators all the way to Level 4. If you’re friend really can’t cope with the height, tell a member of security and the *might* move you (no guarantee whatsoever) to somewhere lower down. Hope that helps and that you enjoy the show either way.

  28. Hi admin. I have tickets for 1D in Block A3 row X. According to mapaplan row x is the back row, but I have seen tickets on resale sites for row y and z? Also wondering if I would be allowed to bring a small step for my daughter to stand on?

    • Hi Amanda – because each act has slightly different staging and arrangements for catwalks/B-stages etc this can result in small changes to the exact configuration of blocks in that area so you may well be right. As for the step, the security search is quite thorough and you should definitely check in advance directly with the venue. Even then bear in mind that the person on the door will have the final say and he/she may not allow you to bring it in for safety reasons as it could potentially be a trip-hazard for instance. Have a great time anyway and please do come back to upload a photo! Which night are you going to?

  29. Hi,

    I have tickets to see One Direction in September at the O2 and just wondered whether my seats will be close to the catwalk stage.
    My seats are:
    Block A3
    Row D
    Seats 44 and 45
    Thanks :)

    • Are they in the VIP fan package ?

      • Nope, just standard seated tickets.

        • The seating plan for one direction has changed so before i would have think that yes but now i think you will have about 10 people between you and the catwalk but i’m not sure bc i’ve got the vip package but i am bk A3 like you row M seat 45 so with the new configuration i think i am near the bstage

  30. Hello! I have two options for 1d in September, can you please explain which is the best one?
    BLOCK B1 – ROW F
    BLOCK B3 – ROW Q – SEATS 37/38/39

    If could reply me asap, I’ll be really thankful!

  31. Hi!
    I have one ticket for one direction on 28 sep
    B3 row A
    How’s that? I’ll be near the catwalk? Is it a good seat?

  32. Hi can anybody plz tell me wot the view is like from block 113 row v at the O2 thanx

  33. Hi, I have tickets to see Jason Derulo and and I’m torn between seat number BLOCK A2 ROW C or BLOCK 111 ROW C. which is better?

  34. hello im seeing one direction at the O2 with VIP tickets and i am block A1, row V and seats 11 and 12.

    I wondered how close to the catwalk that was? as i didnt know if seat 1 would be closer to the catwalk or seat 12?

    thank you :)

    • For the tmh tour I sat front row in block A1. We had seats 3 and 4. we were furthest to the left side not towards the middle.

      Not sure if that will be the same for this tour with the VIPs but I think that’s how the O2 do it! :)

    • You will be very very close to the B stage you will maybe even have the barrier on your right side (the 12 is the closer), my friend has a vip ticket to and her seat is number 5 !

  35. I have tickets to U2 at the O2. I’m in block 115 row c but can’t find a row c?? What is the view gonna be like?! No confirmation on stage set up yet?

  36. Hi, I’ve got seats in block b3, row w, seat 41 and 42 for one direction. Will they be the side nearest to the catwalk or the aisle?

  37. Hi what seats are better block 102 row L seat 58-59 or block 103 row F seats 90-91 the show I am seeing has the stage on the whole of the main floor (there is no floor seating or floor standing)

  38. was wondering what the catwalk seat numbers are for a1 and a3 one direction in London

  39. Hi I have tickets to mcbusted on the 5th of April. Block a2, row u, seats 34&35 are these good seats close to the stage?

  40. novanna seynisch

    Hi want to see u2 at o2 in Nov – what are sests in block 206 z like?

  41. Hi, i have BLK B2 Row M seats 20-21 for the Madonna Rebel Heart tour in December. I have noticed that on your detailed plan there is no seats 20-21 in BLK B2. Also this tickets are supposed to be within the first 6 rows around the ‘heart stage’. I am a bit confused about where the seats are.

    • Hi Patricia, since catwalks and B-stages are not all the same size/shape etc this can affect seating numbers etc slightly and the exact layout of the floor seats etc is now always constant anyway (we show the most common layouts). Nevertheless, here’s the seating plan for Rebel Heart (copyright: Ticketmaster):

      Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 16.05.45

      You can see where the heart-shaped B-stage is and how it cuts into Block B2 where you will be sitting. You can see how the tip of the heart ends roughly in line with the middle of Blocks 103 and 110. It seems there will be a about 27 rows in total in Block B2. On that basis Row M (13 rows back) will be almost exactly halfway back into Block B2 on which basis it makes sense that you will be within the first few rows of the B-stage. You will most likely be just to the right of it, on the side closer to B3. Hope that helps.

      • Hello. I have tickets for the Rebel Heart Tour too and I am struggling to understand where the seats are. It’s block A3 (which there are 3) seats 40 and 41. I cannot find a detailed layout plan anywhere. Would you be able to help? Many thanks.

      • It’s row H

      • Hi I have tickets for Mrs Browns boys I have 2 sets of tickets block 103 row g seat 120 and block 106 row u seat 174. I am very short and would like to know which is the better view. Thanks

  42. Hi! We will bring our girls to the Ariana Grande Concert in O2. There are few possible seatings available. One being 113 – Z – 405. Will we ever see her smile lovely face from this seat? And what about the other available, 419 – P – 910 and 414 – H – 782? I would like to buy better tickets but they are so expensive from resellers. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • Hi Solvi, we understand – tickets can be very expensive from resellers! If you want to have a close-ish view it would be best to avoid the 400s as they are very high up. Block 414 is also quite near the back of the arena so we would advise against those seats if possible. Of the ones you’ve listed Block 113 would be best – even though they are Row Z the angle is actually ok (not too side on) and the block itself is very close to the stage. What did you get in the end?

  43. hi there! is Block A1 Row E any good at the O2? Thanks!!!

  44. Hi! Just wondering how close to the catwalk I’ll be at Ariana Grande’s concert. We’ve got BK A2 row T seats 18 -19. What does the row T bit mean? Really wanna know how close I’ll be to her XD

  45. Hi,

    I have block 101 row X Seat 35. Are these good seats with good view of the stage?

    • Block 101 is a fantastic place to sit! Seat 35 also fine. In an ideal world you’d be lower than Row X but as it’s lower tier this doesn’t really matter, they are still great seats all in all. Which show are you going to?

  46. Hi, have tickets in Block 101 row Q seats 24-26 for The Script. Should this be a good view, or too “side on” ?

  47. Hi I have two tickets for the O2 London to see one direction. The seats are section b3 row U seats 37 and 38. Will they be next to or near the stage?

  48. Hi again! I’m getting a lot of options of tickets! Which are closer to the boys?
    A1 Row C seat 12
    A3 Row E seat 8
    Thanks again,

  49. Hi. I’ve got tickets for the o2 and my seat are;
    BK 103, Row D seat 104.

    Can someone let me know if they are really good seats? First time at the o2 on my own and I want to make sure that my money is worth where I’m sitting.

    • Hi Sarah – the O2 is a great venue and pretty much anywhere in the lower tier is a decent place to sit particularly if you are in the first ten rows (you’ll be 4th row so that’s great). In an ideal world, it would be better to be a block or so closer to the stage but you’re still in a good position. We have several photos from Block 103 in the gallery and a couple of them are from seat numbers very close to yours (they are just from slightly higher rows) so check those out for an idea. Have a great time and please come back to upload a photo after the show. What/when is the show? :)

  50. Hi, we´ve got block A3, row J, seats 51-52, vip package for One Direction. I thougth they were good seats but reading your coments they seem to be the furthest seats to the catwalk :( Am I right?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Nina – ordinarily the seat further from the centre would be 54 so if the numbering is standard for this show then, yes, you would be on the outer edge of block A3 rather than the inner-edge where the catwalk is. That said, it’s not a huge distance between one side of block A3 and the other and you are still in a great block and great row for the main stage so you should still be happy! Have a great night! Please do come back with a photo for the gallery after the show. In the meantime, come and say hi on twitter: @seatradar

    • I dont really know bc their organisation is a big mess, when we bought our ticket a1 & a3 only had the catwalk but now the bstage is btw those block.. The seatingg plan has change 3 times :/ i know that row k seat 41 is a vip ticket and that row M seat 45 (my seat) too but it seems weird that you would have more than 10 people btw you and the catwalk with vip ticket

  51. Hi

    I have tickets in A3 Row FF for Fleetwood Mac. Does this mean the seats are 6 rows from the stage or are that 30 rows back ?



  52. Hello!
    Which would be better viewing for one direction?
    A1 Row C Seat 12
    A3 Row M Seat 48
    Thank you!

  53. I have tickets for one direction on the 29th september – i’m in block 110, row w, seats 291 and 292. What will my view be like?

    • Hey Megan – in the gallery there is a photo from Block 103 Row W. It’s the same view you’ll have just from the opposite site of the arena if that makes sense. Hope that helps :)

  54. Hi! Im going to the one direction show on Friday (25th), I don’t have a VIP package, but my seat is section A1 Row C seat 10. How are these seats and is there a standing section in between that section and the catwalk?

  55. I have a ticket bl A3 row M seat 45 (vip fan package) for One Direction on 28th September will I be close to the catwalk how many people will there be between me and the catwalk ?

    • Hey Romy – assuming A3 is numbered as usual then seat 41 will be right on the edge and you’ll be in the 5th seat in from the catwalk :)

  56. Am not sure if these are good seats . Take That in June Block113 row M seats 421,422.They look close to the stage and I suspect there will be a runway to stage B

    • Hi Helen, Block 113 is very close to the stage but it is of course a side-on view (pretty much looking across the stage at a right angle). Many people don’t mind this and if it’s either that or being buried at the back somewhere, we’d certainly choose Block 113 ourselves as you feel close to the action. Row M is fine, not too far back/high up. We have two photos from Block 113 in our gallery so do check those out for a visual idea of the view. We don’t think there will be a catwalk/B’stage for this show (happy to be corrected if that’s not the case) but even if there were you wouldn’t be close to it in Block 113 in any event so probably best for you if it all takes place on the main stage! Have a great time and please do add a photo to the gallery after the show :)

      • Hi I have tickets for take that in June seats in block 113 row k will we have a good view as seen they have a runway type of stage going round the outside of the standing crowd ?

  57. Hi! I’m going to One Direction 30th September and I’m sitting in A1 row D seat 4. How is it? I couldn’t find photos!

    • Do you have the night changes vip fan package ? You’ll be very very close you will only have 3 girls between you and the stage !

      • Thanks Romy, perfectly correct! We love it when fans interact and help each other on here! Look us up on twitter (@seatradar) and if you like the site, please spread the word :)

  58. Hi we have tickets tomorrow for Queen. They are block 407 row T seat 617 618 but I am worrying they are too high and am afraid I will not be able to. Sit there!

    • Hi Jackie – sorry we did not manage to get back to you before the show – how was it? Do you have a photo you could upload?

  59. Could u tell me what view from 104 row s is like please ?

    • Hey Zara you’ll have a pretty good view. Check out the photo from Block 104 Row Z and imagine being a number of rows lower / further forward :)

    • Hi I am coming to see one direction 30th September have block 103 row Q 91 and 92 seats have I chose good x thank you

      • Check out the photo in our gallery from Block 103 Row K. You’ll be a little further back/higher. Overall we’d say you have decent seats – what do you think?

  60. Hi admin,
    Sorry to ask again but I think you missed my last enquiry.
    Would you please let me know what the view will be like for Adam Lambert and Queen. Block 401 row A seats 454 and 455
    Thank you

    • Hi Lesley sorry about that. It’s very much a side-on view. If you see the photo from Block 422 (currently 6 from the end) in the gallery above, that’s directly opposite where will be (almost down to the seat number). The only difference (apart from being on the opposite side of the stage) is that you will be several rows closer/lower and will be in the front row of your block. Hope that gives you some idea.

  61. Hi Admin,

    One Direction, Floor C1, Row D? – (153. 40 pounds)

    One Direction, Floor B1, Row M? – (169.91 pounds)

    One Direction, Floor B2, Row W? – (177.00 pounds)

    Could you please give me a brief description of the views and what would be the best in terms of price and seating? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Laila – pricewise it’s obviously a personal thing but given that the tickets are only £24 pounds apart from cheapest to most expensive our approach would be to go for the best tickets, irrespective of price since it doesn’t make too much difference once you’re already spending £153.

      On that basis, we’d say the tactics here would be to get as close to the catwalk and B-stage as possible.

      That means ruling out C1.

      Block B1 Row M would be a very good location for this, particularly if your seat number is 10 or higher.

      Block B2 Row W you would want a seat number as close to 26 as possible, to hit the middle of that block and be roughly in line with the B-stage.

      Of the 3 Block B1 likely to be best and cheaper than B2 anyway.

      Have a great time and we hope you’ll come back to let us know what you picked and then to upload a photo!

      • Why in b2 row w the number has to be as close to 26 as possible ? Is the seat number 26 the best ?

        • Hey Romy – that advice was for the 1D concert and the reason we said that was because the catwalk and the B-stage run through the centre of block A2 (and B2) so if you are in Block B2 you’d probably want to be as close to the front of the B-stage as possible and seat 26 is pretty much dead centre and would put you in front of the middle of the B-stage. For other shows/seating plans that might not apply of course. Hope that helps :)

  62. Can you tell me what my view will be like from
    block 401
    Row A
    Seats 454 and 455
    These are for the Queen and Adam Lambert concert

  63. Hi
    Im going to see one direction on 25th sepetember 2015 and i want to know my veiw im seating in block 118 row p .

    • Hey Meghan – if you look through the pics above you’ll find one from Block 113 Row Z. Block 113 is essentially directly opposite Block 118 so your view will be similar just from the other side of the stage. You’ll also be several rows lower which should lessen the chance of any lighting etc getting in the way of your view. Side-on, but nice and close to the action. Have a great time and please do return to upload a pic!

  64. Hi Admin,

    Trying to decide between :Block 103 Row E or Y ……OR ….Block 110 Row Q …..As these block are in the same place opposite each other.
    I am leaning towards the Block 110 Row Q , as it would be right in the middle of the block and potentially better visibility??….. as opposed to the other two rows which are right at the bottom and at the top . Any Ideas on this ?

    • Hey Rich – actually we’d go for 103 E. The rows are sufficiently tiered that you don’t need to worry about being too near the front. Have a look at the photos above, there’s one from 103 Row F and it’s a great view. Have a great time and please do come back to upload a pic!

      • Hi Admin,

        Thanks for your reply. I can see what you mean , my only concern about Block 103 E was if I get a high Seat number . Then It would mean being low down, but more in the corner so to speak. Just thought if i was in a high seat no. ten rows back [ie Row Q] it would be a bit of a better angle looking down . If that makes sense!


  65. hi !!
    John legend concert
    Lower 101
    Row T
    Are good seats with good visibility ?
    Grazie !! :)

    • Hi Laura – you can’t really go wrong with Block 101. Great block – in an ideal world you’d be a few rows lower down but still great seats. Have an excellent time and please do come back to upload a pic!

  66. Hey admin! :) I’ve got a question: I’m going to attend the one direction concert in the London o2 Arena on the 25th of september ’15. I’m gonna sit in blocm 403, row r. Do you think those seats are okay? Will I be able to see any thing?

    • Hey Mariella :)

      Block 403 is the upper tier and Row R is going to be pretty high up. However, the block is well located in that it’s a good angle and not too far from the stage. In the gallery there is a photo from Block 403 Row L. Check that out for an idea of the view – you’ll be slightly further back and higher up but as you can see from the pic it’s pretty decent. Have a great time and please post a photo after the show!

  67. Hi admin, I am going to the John legend concert in London next June and wanted to know what rows would be good in section 101 or 112, is row C too low, will I have good visibility,

    • Hi Yensin, you can’t go too wrong with those blocks, they are both very good. Row C is definitely not too low and you’d have great visibility from there :)

  68. Hi

    I have block 104 Row N Seats 126&7. I thought these would be at the front of the block, as seating plans show this Block starting at Row N….however I’m wondering if it depends which seat you have, as it may actually be in Block 103 or 105, depending on which seat plan you look at. Any ideas? Thanks, sid

  69. Hi,

    Does anyone have any views on block B1row k for the One Direction concert next year.?

    Taking a 6 year old and worried she won’t see anything. Maybe better to get a side block.

    Thank you

    • Hey CATMAD! That would be a fantastic place to sit since you’ll be right next to the B-stage at the end of the catwalk and it’s also a good location for the main stage. BUT you’re right to think about the little one! She may have difficulty seeing well when the lads are on the main stage once everyone is standing and dancing etc in front of her in the floor seating area. That said, the buzz of having the boys close up when they come down the catwalk might make up for it.

      In terms of going for a side block, that could be a good idea but would be a shame to give them up just to end up in the 400s or sitting at a bad angle so we’d probably say try to stick to the first few rows of 101/102/103 or 110/111/112 with 102/111 being the pick of the bunch for this show.

      Have a great time and please come back to upload a pic!

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word! http://www.seatradar.com/sr/thanks-commenting)

  70. Hello, do you know if block 103 in the O2 is a good view or not? Row D

    • Hey Megan, yes those are good seats :) We have a few pics from Block 103 in the gallery to give you an idea. Also, there is a pic from Block 110 Row D (taken at Beyonce). That’s the block directly opposite so you can see how good your view will be (just from the other side). What are you going to see?

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word! http://www.seatradar.com/sr/thanks-commenting)

  71. I’ve heard so much mixed reviews about block 113 row J seats 409 (I think hah)
    I’ve just been given these tickets for one direction next year and I’m worried about our view – is it any good?

    • Hi Abbi – that’s understandable – Block 113 can be a tricky one! We’d say that they’re pretty good tickets. The concern with Block 113 is of course being too far to the side/back of the stage.

      However, Row J is actually the front row of Block 113 and seat 409 is on the side closest to Block 112 so the angle won’t be too severe. Your line of sight should be roughly level with the front of the stage.

      You’ll definitely feel close to the action there and although in an ideal world it would be better to be a bit less side-on e.g. in Block 112 instead – we think you’ll have a great time sitting there. When are you going? Remember to come back and upload a photo to settle the debate once and for all! ;)

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word! http://www.seatradar.com/sr/thanks-commenting)

  72. Do seats 920 and 921, row A, block 420. Have a good view, not too far up? also is the walkway in front of these seats?

  73. Hi is block 114, row Q, seats 439-440 good for the U2 concert ?

    • Hi Jenny – we haven’t seen the seating plan for this event yet but if it’s a typical end-stage setup these would not be good seats. Block 114 is almost behind the stage…

  74. Hi,
    please could you tell me if seats in blocks 113/118 give a better view if seats are near the outer edges- eg towards blocks 112/101 (eg seat 400 in blk 113 row p) I am confused if the view would be more restricted the closer or further from the stage because of the angle!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Bernadette – yes you’d be better off towards blocks 112 or 101. Blocks 101 and 112 are very close to the stage – main issue in Blocks 113 / 118 is the angle, you want to avoid being too far around to the side (some of the seats are virtually behind the stage if you go too far around). Hope that helps!

  75. Block 112 row Y seat 391 & 392 – for the enrique/demi lavato concert…is this a good view?

    • Hey Ashlee – in terms of the location of the block / the viewing angle, they’re good seats. Ideally you’d be a in a lower row but it’s not the end of the world in the 100s, you’ll still have a decent view. There are some photos from Block 111 Row V in the gallery which might help give you an idea. Have a great time and please upload a pic after the show!

  76. Hi, I have tickets in block 111, row Z, seats 357 and 358. Most oublished floorplans don’t have a 358 in row Z; any thoughts?

    • Hi Stuart, this is likely the aisle seat but should still be on floor plans! Wouldn’t be overly concerned since it’s unlikely you’ve been sold a non-existent seat but we’d suggest double checking with the venue directly if you are worried!

  77. bk 118, row z seat one – as far as can see end of row (which I need), shouldn’t be to far from level with stage – may be bit behind?

    • Hi Caroline – yes that’s all correct. Most of what we said to Jody below will apply to you too. There’s a photo in the gallery from Block 113 to give you a general idea. Enjoy!

  78. Section BK 118 Row P Seat 536, Level 1 good? they are side/back of the stage, are they a good view?

    • Hi Jody it’s good that you’re in Row P (that block starts at Row N so you’re actually only a few rows back). Seat 536 is roughly in the middle of the row which puts you more by the side of the stage rather than totally behind it, which is also good. Clearly you’ll be close to the stage which is of course a plus point in most respects.

      That said, Block 118 is not generally a block that most people would choose to sit in given the choice of being slightly further round (e.g. Block 101 or 102) since you’re view is very much from behind/to the side. If there are big screens/effects at the rear of the stage you’ll probably struggle to see them well/at all and the large screens to the side of the stage may feel slightly uncomfortable to look at.

      There is a photo in the gallery from Block 113. That is the equivalent of Block 118 on the other side of the stage. Take a look at that to get an idea of what you’re view will be like.

      Have a great night and do come back to upload a photo!

  79. Hi are seats in block 113 row J 412 and 413 for Fleetwood Mac Concert restricted view ?

    • Hi Anne – we always recommend checking with the venue or ticketing agent for show-specific enquiries and/or questions about whether a ticket is actually restricted view as we cannot know for sure. That said, based on usual/general layout seat 412 would probably be about level with the front of the stage so although you’d have a side-view it probably wouldn’t qualify as “restricted” as such. Usual issues would apply though in terms of not necessarily having any/a good view of a screen and missing out a little on any effects/videos that are played at across the rear of stage (i.e. behind the performers).

  80. Are block 106 row U seats 201 & 202 on the end of the row?

  81. What about block 107, row A, what is the view like for younger children?

    • Hi, Block 107 is tiered so and it’s a very central position so view should be fine provided your child is not sat directly behind somebody very tall (or somebody that insists on standing up throughout!) although those issues probably apply equally almost everywhere in the arena.

  82. Hi, block 106, row ee, is it tiered?

  83. Hi are seats in block 113 seats 416 and 417 any good?

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