Phones4u Arena, Manchester

Victoria Station, Trinity Way, Manchester M3 1AR.

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Phones4u Arena Seating Plan:

See the layouts for the Phones4u Arena seating plan in our gallery below. (Click on images to enlarge).

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What are the best seats at the Phones4u Arena? What is the view like from Block [...] of the Phones4u Arena? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

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Phones4u Arena, Manchester:FAQs

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We’ve had a few queries about the codes on printed tickets, so here’s a glossary we hope you’ll like!

BL – Block

Upper tier – 200 level – all blocks starting with a 2

Lower tier – 100 level – all blocks starting with a 1

DP – Disabled platform

CP – Camera platform

Side view – on the side of the stage – may be some restriction of view – eg. Can’t see the screens

Restricted View – same as side view but obstructions from production and stage equipment

Rear View – Some shows sell in the round and open seats behind the stage and the production quality is unaffected although the view to the artists is through the back-line



  1. Hi have just got tickets for Peter kay section 115 row U seats 19 and 20 are these good seats does anyone know? Thanks

  2. Hi. I’ve just bought tickets blk103 row seat 3. Is that a good seat ?

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  4. Hi, booking tickets and have been offered section 213 row J seats 28 and 29 . When I went on seating plaNsays row ends at 29. Willwe be seatedtogether ? and are they good seats ?

  5. Hi I am taking my daughter to see Little Mix on the 21.11.2017 my seats are BL204 row P Seats 25-27. Can you please tell me if these are alright seats or is the view limited ? my daughter is only young you see.

  6. Hi there, do you have any pictures taken from block 217 row R?

  7. Help pls!which seat will be better,block 215 row b seat 24 or block 213 row d seat 3,not been to men arena before so just a bit worried that row 215 is too restricted for view x

  8. Hello everyone,

    I’m on BLOCK: 122, ROW: U, SEAT: 16,17 for Green Day.

    I’ll be in the worst place to see the concert, right? :(

    Thanks for your help

  9. Hi, I need some advice asap on some tickets in looking at purchasing to see drake. The only ones I can get a hold of seem to be the higher tiers, I’m considering purchasing one of the following but I don’t know which would be best in terms of view (unfortunately I know they won’t be the best but I cant afford the lower tiers :( ) anyways I was looking at;
    214 row G seats 11-12, 208 row F, 211 row A, 210 row B, 209 row B, and 202 row N. Thanks!

  10. Hi, i booked Drake tickets today and was wondering if block 213 has a good view of the stage?

  11. Hi, I booked tickets to the olly murs gig in 2017 and I am in BL 202 row E seat 8. Is that good or bad seating? Will I be able to see the stage and olly OFCOURSE?! thanks for your time and Im so excited for the gig!!

  12. Hello! I have tickets to see 5 seconds of summer on the 22nd and 23rd of April. On the 22nd I will be in block 103 row N and seat 26 and on the 23rd I’ll be in block B row J seat 16.
    Im really confused where I’m sitting since I’ve never been to a concert before and I am going on my own. Thank you so much.

    • Hi,
      I’ve been to Manchester arena a few times and block 103 is a good block, great view also get the screens you can watch. Don’t worry about going on your own, I always do. Little tip for a lone person, try and get an end of block seat, easy access and more room to spread out
      Hope this helps

  13. I have Justin Bieber Seats, Block 101 Row Q Seat 9-10. I’m worrying these aren’t good seats and the view is really restricted?

    • I was in Block 101 Row M when I saw Adele and had a good view of the stage, the view was only very slightly restricted when pictures came on the big screen, it didn’t affect the show as Adele was out front the entire time. Even if Justin Bieber has a different stage set up you should still have a good view.

  14. Hi there,
    For a boxing match, is block 104 row v, seats 15 and 16 any good? Would like an honest opinion before I go ahead.
    Thank u
    Melissa x

  15. Hi admin i have bought my daughter (age 12) and myself tickets to see justin bieber we have block 212 row p seat 22 im really concerned about just how high up we will be? and will she even be able to see anything any feed back would be great thank you

  16. got tickets for darts E4 row 1 are the any good

  17. Hi how are the seats in block 115 row C
    We will be coming to see kev hart
    Thank you

  18. Hi I have tickets to see Muse Drones in 2016 – Block 222. When ordering the tickets the interactive seat map didn’t show where the stage would be located. Will this be a bad view? Thanks

  19. Hi I have tickets to see Kevin hart and my seat are block 113 row K are they way good?

  20. Hi,

    How good are seats in Block A row G?


  21. Hi I have tickets to Taylor Swift TOMORROW and I’m wondering how good my seats are, they’re Block 116 Row W Seats 5 and 6..someone told me that these seats are behind the stage???? is this true :(

  22. Hi, can you tell me what the view is like from block 210 row b seats 1&2 . Many thanks

  23. Hi just bought 3 tickets for Take That row 104 seats taking my 13ys old granddaughter, this is her first time are these ok seats ? thanks

  24. Hi there, I have bought tickets for Take That at Manchester arena in BL 116 row X 17,18,19. I’m worried these are going to be bad seats? It didn’t say restricted view when ordering but I’m stressing now. Only good thing I suppose is that Take that move out from the stage a lot…?

    • Hi Helen, a friend of mine went to manchester arena thursday night to see take that and she was in block 116 she said it was a little restricted but still amazing she wasn’t as high up as row x though so it will probably be a better view being on the back row.

      • Hi Jane, thanks for the reply! That makes me feel better about it. Are you going to see them? If so hope you have a great time :)

  25. I have seats for take that 29/05/2015 in block 116 row x seats 11 12 13 are they good seats or are they restricted in any way.

  26. Hi
    I have tickets to see Take That. On my tickets it says : Standing 22/42 on one and on the other it says :standing 22/41. Are these general standing tickets ? And if so it says doors at 18:00. What time would you suggest queuing to secure a good position.
    Many Thanks

  27. Hello I’m seeing wwe raw in November and can I please get some help. Bought me and my girlfriend tickets were on 214 row c seats 3 and 4. Are these seats crap it came to 150 pound and I’m a huge fan and would be devastated, from sunderland and never been to manchester?

  28. Hi there, we just booked the tickets 3 4 row L at block 116 seeing Maroon5 this June. That’s the best we can get with lower tier, so please advise us if our view is limited, thank you!

  29. I’m looking to buy a couple of tickets for Fall Out Boy.
    Would Block 212 row L be better than 209 row A?
    I can choose between blocks 204 to 213 and various rows…
    Help please!

    • Hi Gareth – as you have identified it will come down to specific rows and seats etc. Of those you mentioned, we’d be tempted to go with 209 Row A since Row L will be far higher up.

  30. Hi i got ticket for 4th april block 104 row b sit 25 i hope thats have good view ??

    • Hi Nillord, Block 104 is slightly further back as sideblocks go but your row and seat numbers are fine. Have a nice time!

  31. Hi, I have tickets for block 115, row e, seats 23 and 24, are these any good?

    • Hi Amy. We think Block 115 would be great. Seat numbers go from 1 to 28 with 28 being the most side-on but in our opinion the side-on aspect only really becomes an issue from Block 116. Row E is only 5 rows back so that’s a big plus point, all in all good seats :)

  32. I have tickets to mcbusted block J, row F, are these seats good?

    • Hi Meg – these are flat, floor-seats. They are toward the back of the floor-seating area so they are not particularly close to the stage. Most people will stand up so you may find your view affected, if there are much taller people in your immediate line of sight. That said, most people tend to stand up and dance around in the floor seating area which means you’re not completely stuck, the stage is raised anyway and you’ll also be able to see the screens. The floor-seating blocks are also good for atmosphere so have a great time!

  33. Hi im seeing noel and got row H 116, is the view any good?

    • Hi John – Block 116 is of course near the front of the arena and close to the stage. Row H is fine too. It really comes down to the seat number you have since the whole block is side-on to the stage. You want the lowest side number possible ideally (less than 8) but Row H is one of the shorter rows nearer to the front of the block anyway so the angle shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  34. Hi, I have tickets for Block 102, Row E, Seat 15 and 16. How good are these?

    • Hi Zee – you’ll be pleased to know that in our opinion you have some of the best seats in the house! Nice and close to the stage, not too high up and a good viewing angle!

  35. I have a choice between block 201 for seats 13-14 row n OR block 20- for seats 1-2 row j

    Which should I choose

  36. Lindsey Patterson

    I have the chance to get tickets for Phoenix nights .i have a choice of either block 115 row T .or B block row N .which should I go for ? Which are better ? I am worried that maybe block 115 are side view and block B row N is going to be too far back ?

    • Hi Lindsey – neither set are bad tickets. We think Block 115 would be great and wouldn’t worry too much about it being a side view – in our opinion that’s only really an issue from Block 116. Seat numbers go from 1 to 28 (with 28 being the most “side-on”) so lower seat numbers would be best in that block. The only slight downside would be that, in Row T, you’d be fairly far back/high up in the block but they’d still be good seats. We’d probably take these over the floor seats. Let us know what you book/booked!

  37. Hello I bought tickets to ariana grande show block 202 row L seats 1 and 2 will I be able to see the stage wil I see ariana grande good ? Or very small ? and for tne next time where can I buy a preorder tickets? Or the best places ?

    • Hi Roni, Block 202 is a nice position as it’s close to the stage. You will be fairly high up (but not ridiculously so). In the gallery we have a photo from Block 202 Row H which is only 3 rows further down/forward from the seats you’ll be in so check that out for an idea. Have a great night and please come back to upload a pic!

  38. Hi I have a querie re which sets of tickets will be ther best for Tanke that in June 2015
    set one, Standing,floor, row 28 seats 16/17
    set two BL 111 Rown W Seats 17/18
    can you advise what and where the standing ones are and what to expect> are the rows with seats are the sectioned off to avoid being crammed etc. Can you have dribk with you there? Many Thanks – Anna

    • Hi Anna – as far as we know the standing tickets are all unallocated general admission tickets (except that they are divided into three zones being two pits at the front (right and left) and then the general standing area behind that). It sounds like you the tickets you mentioned are in the general area so it would just be a case of turning up as early as possible and trying to secure a good spot. If you enjoy standing then that might be the best option of the two. The seats in Block 111 would be “less crammed” since everybody has their own seat but you’ll be further from the stage. Yes, you may take your drink (purchased at the venue) into the arena.

  39. Why in the picture in block 216 the first row is D ? Whatnis the first row in block 202 ??

    • Hi Elit – it isn’t. The photo is taken by somebody sitting in Row D so you can see the few rows which are in front of them. All rows and seat numbers are in the detailed seating plan you can get to in the VIP area.

  40. Hi, what is the view like from block 201, row L seats 24 and 25. Taking my 11 year old son to his 1st ever gig to see The Script. I know block 201 is a side view but is row L, seats 24 and 25 really restricted? There are quite a few seats left in this block higher up too. Don’t want to buy rubbish seats and for him to be disappointed. Thanks.

    • Hi Jane – your seats are about 8 seats in from Block 202 so they are not right around the side. if you look through the gallery above there is a photo (currently 4 from the end) from Block 216 Row F Seat 10 which is almost the exact mirror image of the view you will have save that you would be a few rows further up/back.

  41. Hello its me again im seating im block 202 row j seats 1 -4 I saw the picture from block 202 row h and its do far away .. do you have more pictures from block 202 ? Will I see ariana grande good or not so much ? Please answer me

    • Hi Elit, no unfortunately we don’t have any more photos from Block 202. The photo you’ve seen provides a fairly accurate representation of where you will be sitting. The only thing we will say is that in our experience, the distance often seems more in photos than it does in person. We’re sure you’ll have a great time wherever you are sitting!

  42. Hi, my cousin and I are going to see Taylor Swift on the 24th June 2015 (apparently she has an extended B stage) We are in block 110, row J, seats 9 and 10 do you think we’ll have a good view?

    • Hey Chessie – angle wise it’s pretty good as you’re almost straight on to the stage so you’ll have no trouble seeing the full width and both screens :) Also, Row J isn’t too far back and seats 9 and 10 and on the side closest to Block 109 rather than Block 111. There’s actually a photo from Block 109 Row G Seat 6 in the gallery. Aside from being slightly more central, this should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re view will be like (pretty good – just a little far back). Are you from Manchester or travelling in?

      • Is B stage standing good? The VIP tickets are expensive so need to know it will be worth while. Thanks

        • Hi Paul – everyone will have a different idea of what is/isn’t worth extra expense. It depends what else you can get and how much the difference is. We’ve certainly never come across anybody that didn’t think it was a great place to be but ultimately you need to spend what you’re comfortable with!

  43. Hi, any idea what Block 102, Row W, Seats 15 & 16 will be like? There’ll be me and my 8 year old. I’ve seen a pic from 102 Row P seat 17 and that looks ok – presumably mine would be roughly the same view, just further away? Hard to tell because photos from seemingly very similar positions are quite different! Thanks, sid

    • Hi Sid – the shot from Block 102 Row P looks pretty accurate and well-taken so provides a good indication of location/angle etc. If you also look at the shot from 103 Row V that’ll help you gauge how much higher up / back you’ll be.

      • Thanks for the advice. It’s hard to tell, but it looks as though you can’t see any screens from that block, so I’m hoping the view of the stage will be good enough! Thanks again!

  44. Hello I just bought a tickets for ariana grande show im in block 202 row j seats 1 and 2 will I be able to see the stage ? Will I see her good or not ? Please answer me im coming all the way from israel to see the show

    • Hey Elit – yes you will, you have pretty good seats. It will be worth the trip :) Have a great time and please upload a photo after the show!

  45. Hi TAKE THAT tickets for the missis, block 205 row H seat 7-8 are these good seats or will she file for divorce?

    • Better call your lawyer. Only kidding! They’re actually pretty decent seats. Our gallery has a photo from Block 205 Row L (think the photo is slightly zoomed in but since you’re a few rows lower down that probably gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re view will be like). We also have Block 212 Row M which is the equivalent block on the opposite side of the venue. As you will see, it’s a pretty nice view and again you’ll be in a better row.

      So fingers crossed your lovely lady should be pretty chuffed! Good luck, let us know how it goes and it would be great if you could make a note to pop back with a photo after the show!

      (If we’ve helped please click here and help to spread the word!

  46. Hi, i have tickets for one direction block D, seats 3 and 4. Are these seats closest to the catwalk or furthest away from the catwalk?

  47. Hi, i have tickets for one direction block D, seats 3 and 4. Are these seats closest to the catwalk or furthest away?

  48. Hi
    I have tickets for queen bl101 row r 3-6
    Any good?

    • Hi Martin these are very much side-on. If you look through our gallery there is a photo from Block 101 Row Q which will give you a good idea of where you’ll be. However, that photo is from Seat 15. The seat numbers get lower as you go further around towards the back of stage so (unless the stage is positioned significantly differently for your show) you’ll likely be sitting roughly in line with the back portion of the stage so – in honesty – not the best or most comfortable viewing angle…Hope you enjoy the show in any event and would be great to see a photo of how the view looks on the night.

  49. Hi, one direction tickets block 116 row T sears 3 and 4, is the view any good? How close am I?

    • Hi Katie – Block 116 itself is very close to the stage, right next to it as you can see from the seating plan. Seats 3 and 4 are good as they are on the side towards Block 115 which helps as you won’t be as side-on as you would be in a higher seat number. In the gallery there is a photo from Block 101 Row Q which is directly opposite where you’ll be. You’ll be a few rows further back/up but otherwise a very similar view – just from the other side of the stage. We think you’ll have a great time from there and look forward to you sending us a pic for the gallery!

  50. I have Phoenix nights tickets block 207 row p is this any good

  51. Just bought script tickets block 116 row r. Is view restricted or reasonably good

    • Hey Shell – actually your view should be ok/pretty good. The lower your seat number the better but don’t panic if you have a higher seat number they only go up to 20-odd anyway. Have a look at the second photo in the gallery. That is from Block 101 Row Q. Block 101 is directly opposite 116 (i.e. it’s the opposite view). The photo is from only one row further forward and as you can see, the view is pretty good in terms of being nice and close to the action. The only downside of course is that it’s side-on and this can make it more difficult to properly appreciate anything going at the rear of stage or to get the full effect of any graphics behind the artist(s) etc but it’s not a major issue at most shows. Have a great time and please do come back to upload a photo! Great choice of band btw ;)

  52. Hi just got tickets for Peter Kay Phoenix nights. got block 211 row Q 31-33 as this is a live “play” as it were. Do you reckon we will see ok? Delighted to have got tickets anyway, can’t wait to go.

    • Hi! You’ll probably have a better view than you’re expecting :)

      Check out what is currently the 8th photo from the end in our gallery. It is taken from Block 212 Row Q seat 13. Your seats are right on the aisle between Blocks 211 and 212 so your view will be very similar save that the person who submitted this photograph may have slightly zoomed in a little. Nevertheless, that should give you a general idea.

      As you said – the main thing is that you’re going! Have a great time :)

    • Thanks for the reply. Appreciated.

  53. Hi, I bought Ariana Grande tickets block 115 row L, are them seats on that block and row a good view? Thanks X

    • Hey Reece – they’re smashing seats! :) Check out the 5th photo in our gallery from Block 102 Row P. That’s essentially the mirror of the view you’ll have (102 is opposite 115) save that you’ll be 3 rows further forward! Luck you! Will you stick an alarm in your mobile to remind you to take a pic for us on the night as would be great to have a shot from that side of the venue too? ;)

  54. Just booked tickets to see Take That on Friday the 22nd of May 2015 and didn’t look properly at the seats. We are now sat in block 222, row H seats 13 and 14. Are these really bad seats where we won’t be able to see anything? I don’t want this to be £123 wasted on a Christmas present! Any feedback greatly appreciated thankyou x

    • Hi Jessica – have a look at the second to last photo above from Block 216. Block 216 is the other side of the arena and is the equivalent of Block 201 on the side where you’ll be sitting. The photo is from Row M so you’ll be a few rows lower.

      However, Block 222 is further into the corner to the side/rear of the stage. If the tickets are not being sold as restricted view you should be able to see the stage but in truth it won’t be a great view since – in a normal setup you’d be quite far the side of the stage – almost behind it…

      That said – if the tickets are not being sold as restricted view it might be worth checking with the venue to see if they can shed any more light about the specific setup for the TT concert. If you want an honest opinion though, they are not unlikely to be great tickets in any event….sorry!

  55. Is block j on the floor row f seats 9 and 10 ok is the view ok going in May see s club 7

  56. Sorry to bother you again – which seats are better do you think? 109 K 15-16 or 114 H 9-10?

    • Hi Della – you’re current tickets aren’t bad in that they’re nice and central with a direct view etc. That said we’d probably go for the tickets in Block 114 if we had the choice. Check out the photo in the gallery which is from Block 103 Row H. That is the block directly opposite Block 114 so is essentially the mirror view of the tickets you mention above. It’s significantly closer and still a good angle etc so if that is more appealing then you’d probably prefer Block 114. Either way, it’s clear you’re a big fan and will have a great night in either location so enjoy the show and please do come back to upload a pic!

  57. Hi i have booked s club 7 tickets for may 2015 i am floor seated block j row f seat 9 and 10 are these good seats and will we have a good vies thank u in advance for u reply

  58. Hi there, I have tickets for Bette Midler – 109 K 15-16. Are these good seats in your opinion? Will I get a good view or will she just look like a little dot on stage? Im tempted to try and buy tickets for 115, 102 or 113 thinking these might be better? What do you think? I’ve been waiting to see her forever and so want to get the best seats possible atthe most reasonable price obviously. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

  59. I have block 114 row G seats 27/28 for Take That. I’ve seen on plans that this block starts at row F. Is this correct and any reason for it? Are these good seats?

    • Hi Claire – no don’t think that’s right – we’ve even had photos submitted by users from that Block with row letters lower than F! We believe that the Block starts at A but if you find out otherwise please do correct us! Pretty good seats in any event though :)

  60. Hi I have tickets for phones 4 u arena for ariana on my ticket it says I have section BL G Row U
    Are these on the ground floor?
    Thank you

  61. I hve to book tickets for my 11 year old daughters first every concert
    ARIANDA gRANDE Birmingham
    could I please get suggestions as good SEATS WITH A GOOD VIEW

  62. hi
    i am thinking about grabbing some tickets for Take that in may 2015 but not sure if the price tag is worth it . My wife loves TT and she will love me more for the tickets (if you know what i mean ) but i haven’t been to this arena before so i am unsure .

    The tickets are shown as front zone standing left which i believe to be seperate to general floor standing . they also say Row A ….

    In my mind this sounds great but Row “A” may be at the back ??

    there is no GA after the tickets so do we have to Q up to get in or are they reserved seats

    sorry for all the questions but i dont want to spend that cash and be disappointed as to say

    Hope you can advise or help


    • Hi Neil – it’s not typical to have separate areas etc so we called the venue to check (in fact they ask you to call Eventim rather than the arena). The zone you’re in is indeed separate to the general standing area. Beyond that though the advice was that standing “is usually general admission” – i.e. they were unable to confirm whether or not you’d be allocated to a specific “row” in the standing area. It would seem odd to us if this were the case – how would fans enforce it? We assume that, being a standing area, it’s not section off into rows or anything so think it would be pretty odd to have allocated positions. That said, they did seem to indicate that if they had a specific order number they could be more specific so you may want to contact them directly.

      Either way – we’d say your wife is unlikely to be disappointed in any case! If you can spare the cash, we’d say go for it! Get there nice and early, grab a few drinks and get those elbows ready! Enjoy…!

    • Hi
      I have tickets for take that is says floor section row 22 seats 41 &42. Does this mean because I have floor section tickets it will just be a matter of arriving early to secure a good position ? What I’m concerned about is that I didn’t realise that there is a left and right front section. Does this mean that the people who are here will have the best position. Could you please let me know what you think my ticket will get me view wise, with the information I have given you.
      Thank you very much

      • Hi Tracy – it’s very difficult for us to comment accurately on specific show layouts etc. That said, you’re right about the three standing areas i.e. one general area and two in the front zones. We’ve been asked about this before (see our exchange with Neil on 14th November). As you’ll see we called the venue and the ticket promoters and neither were able to give specifics without an order number. Either way it seems to us that you will be in the general area and that admission will be first come first served. You won’t of course be able to get into the separate front zone areas if your ticket is not specifically for those areas.

  63. Hi, just bought tickets for take that, Manchester, block201 row n, 14-17, just hoping we will be able to see stage and screens. We realise its high, but will we be able to see?

    • Hi Adam – yes you will be able to see although you’ll be looking down on the stage from the side. That said, since 201 is towards the front of the arena at least you’re closer to the stage in that respect. You should be able to see a screen although you’ll probably need to turn to your left to see it. If you have a look at the second photo in the gallery, that’s from seat 15 in Block 101 so the angle is essentially the same (you’re just further back and higher up). Hope that helps. Enjoy the show and please do come back and upload a photo!

  64. Hi,
    I’ve just bought 2 tickets for Take That in section BL 111 row Q, seats 3 & 4, lower tier. I’m not good with heights, can you tell me if its a good view of the stage and if I should worry about the height / angle of the seats ? Should I try for better seats closer to the stage and lower down ?

    • Hey DazR – as for the heights/steepness etc it’s quite tough to describe, especially since everyone has a different idea of what is high/steep etc (!) so you’re best bet is to look through the gallery above at the photos from other locations in the 100s and see how you feel. As for your view of the stage, you’re towards the back of the arena but if you look at pics from that general area (e.g. from Block 108) you’ll see that the view’s still not bad from a distance perspective. As for the angle you shouldn’t have a problem, won’t be too angled since you’re seats are at the start of the row (i.e. close to Block 110).

  65. Meant to say block 101 row U seats 12-14. What will the view be like please

    • Hey Lynn. Side on but not behind the stage. It’s a nice place to sit if you don’t mind the side-angle (we don’t) as it’s close to the action. Check out the second photo in the gallery above which is from Row Q of Block 101 for a rough idea. Have fun and we “pray” that you “never forget” to come back and upload a pic!

  66. For tickets for Take That Manchester Arena Block 212 Row B Think we’re towards the back but who cares I’ve got tickets!!! X

    • Hey Woof! Maybe the best comment we’ve had, great spirit! Even better is that you’re seats are totally fine, there’s actually a photo from that Block in the gallery and you’ll have a better view as your several rows further forward! :) Enjoy the show and remember to come back and upload a photo!

  67. Hi, I’ve just bought Take That tickets in block 117 row m. Looking at the plan were at the back of the stage. What is the view like? Thanks

    • Hi Jo – it varies with each performance depending on how the stage is set up. They don’t always sell tickets in all of Block 117 but if they have (and unless they were actually sold as “restricted view”) this should mean that they have determined that the line of sight is acceptable for the particular show. You will of course have a side-on view and this can mean you don’t get the full effect if there are light-effects/videos etc playing directly behind the act on stage. On the plus side you’ll be a lot closer to the lads than people with a straight-ahead view from the very back of the arena so it’s all swings and roundabouts! Enjoy the show and we’d love to put up a photo of what your view was like on the night! Which date are you going to?

  68. Hi I’ve just bought Take That tickcets on block 101 row m, what is the view like?

    • It’s a side-on sort of view but Block 101 is of course very close to the stage. We quite like the view from there :) Ideally you want to be at around seat 15 or higher but don’t worry unduly if you’re not

  69. hi just bought tickets for take that was not offered a seat choice and ive got block 116 row m seats 2 and 4 they look really bad seats on plan so not pleased at moment can you give me any info on them thanks

    • Hey Louise! Let’s make you feel better :)

      Have a look at the pics above and specifically the one from Block 101 Row Q (currently second photo in top row). Block 101 is opposite Block 116 i.e. it’s essentially the mirror position on the other side of the arena. The seat numbers also run in the opposite direction which means that the seats from which that photo are comparable with yours. Also, you’re in Row M so a few rows further forward. Taking all that into account your view should be slightly better than shown in the photo. From the plan it looks a bit like you could be behind the stage but the photos suggest otherwise. See, that’s what this site is here for! Please do come back and let us know how the view was and – most importantly – upload a photo! If you’ve got pics from any past gigs and can remember where you sat (at least row and block) we’d love to add them to our galleries :)

  70. My cousin has got two pairs of tickets in different blocks for Taylor Swift and he’s given me first choice on which pair I can have. Which ones would give the better view?

    Block 205, Row D, Seats 1+2 (seems to be slightly closer to the stage and also end seats if that’s an advantage?).

    Block 209, Row C, Seats 9+10 (further away but more central view of the stage – and closer to the B stage!).


    • Hi John – very little in it really. It’s great to have a straight-on view from Block 209 but the angle from 205 is fine anyway so we’d probably lean towards being closer to the stage. Not sure that 209 is much closer to the B-stage to be honest and from 205 you’ll also have a better view along the catwalk that connects the two. So on balance, probably 205 although it’s a very close-run thing.

  71. HI ive just bought Taylor Swift tickets row 206 row r 30-33. Firstly i’m scared of height does it really feel high up and secondly will i see anything from there.

    • Hi Debbie you are at the back of your block but you’ll still have a decent view. Check out the photo from Block 212 (which is in a similar position on the opposite side of the venue). That’s from Row Q so literally only one row in front of Row R. It seems the uploader used some zoom on the pic but you can still see that you’re view won’t be too bad from there :)

      As for the heights – that’s hard to say as it really depends how scared you are! If you’ve ever sat in the upper tier of another venue you’ll probably be fine here too.

      • Hi, I’m thinking of getting 2 tickets for a Nicki Minaj concert, Block 104 row A, is that any good? Or what about Block 113 row H. Which one do you think is better?

        • Hi Tosin, they’re ok – pretty average seats. Slightly further back in the arena than one might choose if given the option but they are in the lower tier which is great. Blocks 104 and 113 are directly opposite eachother so go for Block 104 Row A.

  72. Just bought McBusted tickets and not sure where abouts our seats are and was wondering if you could tell me where they are; BL J, ROW M, seats 8 and 9

    • Hey Emily, the show will be fully seated. Looking out from the stage there are 9 floor seating blocks arranged in 3 rows of 3 A/B/C; D/E/F and G/H/J. So J is on the right hand side of the third row. Block J’s front row is “A” so you’ll be toward the mid/rear of that section in Row M. Seats 8 and 9 are pretty much bang in the middle of the block. Have a great time and please do come back and upload a photo :)

  73. Hi I have bought tickets for taylor swift in tier 222 row A I’m worried that I won’t see much ?

    • Hi Heather – we’ve seen a photo from there although unfortunately not uploaded yet. You’ll be sat side-on to the stage but the view (in our opinion) is not so bad that you need to worry or that you won’t enjoy the show! Would be great if you could stick a note in your diary to come back and upload a photo after the show as this block comes up often! :)

  74. Hi coming to see war of the worlds on the 30th Nov. We are in BK 202 row G seats 25 and 26 are they good seats?

    • Hi Debbie – we’ve actually got a photo from Block 202 Row H above, check it out! Not bad seats :) Please do come back and upload a photo after the show!

  75. hi I have just booked tickets for noel Gallagher but have no idea how good the seats are. block 205 row R and seats 21 & 22. do you know if the view is worth it

    • Hey Hannah, if you look above there’s a photo from Block 205 (4th row 3rd in at time of writing). That’s from Row L and you’ll be a few rows further back (Row R is the last row). Also, the person that submitted that photo does seem to have zoomed in a little.

      Also take a look at the first photo in the 2nd last row as that’s from Block 212 which is the mirror image of the view from 205 (i.e. it’s the equivalent block on the other side of the arena).

      Hope that helps! :) Would be great if you could come back and let us know & upload a photo?

    • I’m in that block 205 but row h seat 7 and 8 … hope the seats are ok :-S

    • I’m in block 205 row h seat 7 and 8 … hope the seats are ok :-S

      • Hey Andy – you’re on the side of the block nearest to block 204, so that’s good and you’re not too many rows back. Clearly not the best seats in the house but by no means a disaster! Would be perfect if you could take a nice/clear unzoomed pic and upload it for the gallery? When/what’s the show if you don’t mind us asking?

  76. Hi

    I’ve just got tickets to see Lionel Richie at the Phones 4 u arena but really confused whereabouts they are can you help? BL E, row Q, seats 17-18

    • We certainly can! The concert will be fully seated so check out the “Fully Seated” plan (the first one) above. Your tickets are in Block E which is in the floor seating area. It’s in the middle block in the second “row” of Blocks. Your specific seats are in the final row of the block (shouldn’t be a problem) and are the last two next to the aisle on the right hand side (great for getting in and out easily!). Overall, they’re great seats you should have an awesome time! Enjoy and please upload a photo!

  77. I just bought some standing tickets for The Script but they have a row and seat on them (when they shouldn’t). Row 15 seat 34. If I bought standing tickets wouldn’t I be able to sit anywhere in the Floor area? I’m not british and it’s my first concert here, I am a bit unaware of how things work. Thanks!

    • Hi Emily. Our understanding is that the Script will have a standing area (without seats), so that’s probably where you are. Does the ticket say “GA” on it anywhere (this means general admission).

      We’ve sometimes come across standing tickets are still given row/seat numbers etc for two reasons: 1. to keep track of inventory (i.e. how many tickets sold); and 2. sometimes this is to control entry/exit etc i.e. everybody with “seat numbers” 0 – 200 to go in first or into a specific section etc. It is a bit confusing though we’d agree!

      Hope that helps – please do let us know what turns out to be the case on the night so that future concert-goers can know for sure! Thanks and remember to upload a stage view photo from the night!

      • Hi,
        Today I bought tickets and the row letter is on it but the seat is listed at GA !? What does this mean as I’m in a block too? And I know this block is all seats?

  78. Hello I’ve just bought linkin park tickets ROW Q BL 211 seats 21/22 not sure where this is on the map but doesn’t look too great :( could you confirm my fears please?

    • Hi Ste – Block 211 is upper tier in the top left hand corner if you were looking out from the stage. The seats are pretty high up and you are in the second-last row. Nevertheless, the viewing angle is not bad you should have a clear line of sight to the stage and any screens. Check out the first photo in the second last row above (from Block 212) to get a rough idea. Hope that helps and please do come back and let us know (and upload a pic!). Enjoy!

  79. Hi there my seats I’ve booked for diversity in December are BL 103 row u seats 19-20 are these gud seats? X

  80. Hi. Were looking at booking disney on ice manchester and can get block 7 15-18 seats. This is the block closest to the stage isn’t it. I’m just worried it’s too close and we will be looking up at the stage and not able to see all of it especially for my little girl. Are the seats stage level or lower and what is the view like?? Thanks in advance. Natalie x

    • Hey Natalie! To the best of our knowledge the front and second rows of Block 7 are flat (i.e. same level as the rink) and this could mean a small child might struggle to see properly. We believe (although unfortunately we are not 100% as this answer is based on the layout at a previous year’s show at the same venue) that from the third row back the seats are somewhat tiered so should be less of a problem provided you are not sitting behind somebody very tall! Hope this helps and we will try to update this answer if we can get any further information. Have fun!

  81. Hey Olivia! Row 104 is slightly further back in the stadium but the 100s are all pretty decent as not too high up. Row N isn’t too far back in the block and the seat numbers are ok too. You should have a clear enough view of the stage and at least one of the screens :) Have fun and remember to upload a pic! :)

  82. Hiya, I’m looking at tickets for All Time Low and You And Me At Six. I found some in block 104, row N seats 19-20. Are these any good?

  83. Hey Shaunna we’ve since spoken on Facebook ( but just to recap for anyone else reading they are in the highest tier, in the rear/left hand corner of the stadium. We don’t have an exact photo but we do have some photos from nearby locations (see above) which should give you some idea of what your view will be like. Have fun and don’t forget to upload a pic from the night to!

  84. Hiya I have tickets for lee evans next month and was just wondering where my seats are located I’m not sure where there going to be they are
    Section: BL 206, Row: G, Seats: 7. Thanks

  85. Hey Debra! It will be in the higher level since it’s in the 200s but the viewing angle isn’t bad (there’s a pic from Block 212 Row M) above and you’re only two rows back so it should be fine! Also, seat 16 is right in the centre of the row so that’s ok too! Have fun and we’d love to see a photo of what your view looked like after the show! :)

  86. I am going to ant n dec on sat 16th my seats are block 212 row b seat 16…. r these any good?

  87. Thank you very much, me and my daughter love him, been waiting years to get tickets

  88. Hey Tracy! First of all, good job getting tickets, Lee Evans is great live! The good news is that the stage will be set up differently to usual (side-on instead of end-on) so Block 222 should offer a pretty good view. We’ve put more details, including the seating plan, on our facebook page (please like it and stay in touch!) If you look above, the photo from Block 205 is probably the closest to the viewing angle you’ll have on the night (although it seems the pic may be slightly zoomed in). Have a great time and remember to upload a photo to after the show! :)

  89. Hi, have block 222, row j and seats 19 and 20 for Lee Evans, will we be able to see much? Many thanks in advance

  90. Hey Ross! The row nearest the standing area is Row A, it then goes back up and away from the standing area in alphabetical order so that Row P is 15 Rows back. If you look through our photos above, there is a shot taken from Row R in Block 114 which is directly opposite 103 (so it’s virtually the view you will have just from the other side of the standing area). Hope that helps, let us know how you get on (twitter: @seatradar) and make sure you send us a photo after the gig!

  91. Hi,

    Looking at tickets for Linkin Park on 22nd Nov. I can see Block 103 is available, it’s kind of side on to the stage but I’m not sure how the row numbering works. Where is ROW P is it near to the standing area of father back. Full placing is Block: 103, Row: P, Seat: 20,21.

    Many Thanks,


  92. Carla stonehouse

    Hi, we are coming to ant n dec show on 16th. There are 16 of us in row H n J when I booked she said there was no row i is this correct?

    • Hey Carla! We’d need to know what blocks/seats you have to say for sure but we think there is a ROW I in the 100s and 200s. However, do you mean maybe that you are sitting in the floor seats, in Blocks H and J (rather than “rows” H and J) – because if that’s the case, then she’s right in that there is no Block I, so maybe you are all sitting in a row across blocks H and J :)

      • Hi admin I have just bought tickets to see arianna grande because my daughter wanted them, We have block 116 row w seat 1 and 2 and the ticket place wont let me order or cancel.

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