SSE Arena (Wembley), London

SSE Arena (Wembley), Arena Square, Engineers Way, London HA9 0AA.

For more information check out our SSE Arena (Wembley), London: FAQs below! If there are any questions we haven’t covered, please leave a question in the comments section.

SSE Arena (Wembley) Seating Plan

See the layouts for the SSE Arena (Wembley) Seating Plan in our gallery below. (Click on images to enlarge).

Video courtesy of SSEArena/Vine:

A few helpful tips:

Wembley Arena seating is divided into bays:

BLOCKS A & B are at ground floor level (not raised) and you might find that other customers are standing during the performance.

BLOCKS C & D are tiered blocks (immediately behind blocks A and B).

BLOCK E is the “East Terrace”. The rows get pretty high so those at the top should probably be avoided if you or anybody in your party might struggle with the steps or if anybody is uncomfortable with heights.

BLOCKS N & S are within the tiered, side-seating area. The bays with an even number (N4 etc) are in the LOWER tier. The odd numbered bays (N7 etc) are in the upper tier. Again – the upper tiers might not be suitable for anybody who would want to avoid steps/heights.


What are the best seats in the SSE Arena (Wembley)? What is the view like from Block [...] of the Wembley Arena? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

(Click on images to enlarge).

Oh – and if you find these photos helpful (we’re sure you will) – please remember to add your own photos from this venue or any other venue on our site or which you think we should feature!

SSE Arena (Wembley), London:FAQs

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  1. Want to book tickets for WWE live in November just wondering what the layout would be and where the seats would be for this event ? Iv got two tickets ready in row D ?

  2. any pics of the d2-d3 seats?

  3. I’m going to see The Who and am sat in block B row 5. How far back is this from the stage. Cheers guys.

  4. What are the seats like in Block S5 row t?

  5. Hey,
    What are the seats like in block 7 at Wembley arena please?

  6. children up to what age don’t require tickets in sse arena ?

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