Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London HA9 0WS.

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Wembley Stadium Seating Plan

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What are the best seats at Wembley Stadium? What is the view like from Block [...] of Wembley Stadium? Are these good seats?

Answer all of these questions quickly and easily by browsing through our gallery below. Each photo is labelled with the block, row and (usually) seat number and was taken by a real fan from the seat in question. No more guesswork!

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  1. I am going to watch Fleetwood mac next year and wanted to know if I book on the upper tier would I still be able to see them please

  2. have you seat view for block 503, Row 23, Seat 78.
    it is a good place for Ed sheeran concert?
    do i need binocular?thanks

  3. Africa Exposito canovas

    Hi. I’m going to buy ticket for Adele and I don’t know where is better place. Pitch standing or lower tribune. Please! Help!!

  4. Hi
    I’m going to Wembley stadium to see elo it says level 1 row 507 row 25 can you please tell me if this is high up as I hate heights thanks

  5. I got tickets for Capital SummerTime Ball. & I was wondering can you still see the screens from there as it’s close to the side of the stage?

  6. Seeing ELO Wembley stadium 24 June 2017. Had booked block 118 row 19 seats 181& 182. Ticketmaster has called and said change to stage / lightening plan and moved us to block 112 row 25 seats 27 & 28. Block 128 comes up as current best seat any advice please

  7. I want to buy a ticket for Adele concert in June. I have 2 options left really somewhere in Middle Tier or in Upper Tier. Can you please advise which one is better? thanks

  8. Please help!

    I got tickets for Adele in June 2017. It was impossible to try and get 3 seat together so didn’t really have time to check the view!

    I’m in block 528 and my panic is from looking at the Wembley site for music events they don’t even give a view from there as is right behind the stage. Can anyone advise me? I’ve spent nearly £200 on these tickets :(


  9. Hi I am hoping to go see Jeff Lynn’s ELO in June 2017 the only seats that I can afford are in Level 5 Block 520 will I see anything at all as I guess these are pretty high up. Thanks xx

  10. Hello, any suggestions for some seats with a good view at an affordable price too? Looking to go see Beyonce at Wembley. Thank you!

  11. Do you know how many rows there are in the top tier blocks? I have tickets for Beyonce in 551 row 35. Will I be able to see anything at all? :(

  12. Do you know how many rows there are in the top tier blocks? I have tickets for Beyonce in 551 row 35. Will I be able to see anything at all? :(

  13. Didn’t manage to get the tickets mentioned , as there was quite a rush on for them. But did manage to get one in Block 504 Row 22 ,which doesn’t seem too bad . Roll on October :D

  14. Hi Admin,

    Looking to go to an NFL London game later in the year. Seats will be in the 500′s.

    Just wondering if it’s better to have a low seat number at a slight angle [which would be Block 552 Row 7 ]
    …….OR I could get one on the halfway line dead centre but further back [which would be Block 552 Row 30] ……A lot of people on forums have said it’s better to be lower down ……what’s you take on it?

    • Hi Rich – mostly down to personal preference but given they are both in the same block and it’s a full 23 rows lower we’d probably agree with the masses and go for the lower row.

      • Hi

        Didn’t realise i made a mistake there. The lower seat no. is in Block 522 Row 7 …..not 552 as previously mentioned!

        • Ah that makes more sense! :) That said, we’ll stick to our original opinion i.e. go for the lower row. Given that you’re seeing an NFL game it might be more fun to be nearer to one of the touchlines in any event rather than slap-bang in the middle.

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